Dr. Katy Documents Day One of Freshpet Fridge Challenge

18 Sep 2013 | Written by Freshpet
  Day one of the Freshpet Fridge Challenge has been an eye-opener. I compare this to when you have a paper cut on your pinky finger - you never know exactly how much you use that little finger until you get a paper cut on it.  I don't think that I ever knew exactly how many times a day I walk over and open up the refrigerator and pull something out, from drinks, to snacks, to vegetables, it is just so convenient to have everything fresh at my fingertips.   Today I had to consider feeding my son at school without sending a cold sandwich or yogurt or berries with him, and this was indeed a challenge for my coffee-lacking brain at 7am.  But we figured it out and found a healthy way around it.   Dinner was interesting though. I hadn't quite planned things out appropriately, so I ended up just pulling a few things out of the pantry and throwing them together.  Two hours later, when I was feeling sluggish and already hungry again, I looked at the labels and realized the high carbohydrate content, high sodium and amount of preservatives of the food I'd just consumed. As with many of the shelf-stable foods we keep in our pantries, they lack the same nutritional value that we get from our fresh fruits, meats and veggies that we store in the fridge, and leave us without that same natural energy.   Tomorrow I need to figure out how we can rely less on the pantry.   Dr. Katy Nelson is a practicing veterinarian in the Washington, DC area and host of The Pet Show With Dr. Katy. To see her latest experiences with the Freshpet Fridge Challenge, follow along on the Challenge site, or "Like" her on Facebook and "Follow" her on Twitter.

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