Episode 2 – Cat World And Dog World Collide!

17 Sep 2018 | Written by Freshpet
In Episode 2, our hosts can’t help but turn a planned cats vs. dogs debate into a four-legged love fest. Life may be different living with a cat than a dog, but it’s time to figure out how each wields their unique magic to completely take over our hearts.  

Episode Transcript

I feel a cat scratch this part of my brain for me and then dogs are just like so unconditional love and, you know.

Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing brought to you by Fresh Pet.



Hey, everyone. Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing. I'm Andrea Eileen Shapiro.

I'm Katy Reagle. I am a dog mom and you are ...

I'm a cat mom.

Sure are.

Yeah. In many worlds we'd be the Jets versus the Sharks.

Montague's Capulets.

Hatfield's versus McCoy's.

Me versus my downstairs neighbors.

Nicki Minaj versus Mariah Carey.

Ooo. Nicki Minaj versus Cardi B I think is fresher even.

Oh, okay. I'm sorry. I'm not cool.

It's okay. I think about Cardi B all the time.

Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Yep, fresh. Remember when they did that and then Razor phones were big? Anyway, moving on. We are supposed to not like each other. Right?

So there.

So that's what they say. So we don't. This podcast is over. Goodbye. Anyway, I think some people are a little more staunched team cat or team dog. When I used to work for this dog walking agency, I was saying things like ... Because on social media there'd be a lot of dogs but we took care of cats too and I'd be like, "Let's post some cats," and they were like, "Actually there's some people that will unfollow us if we show pictures of cats because they're such dog people."

Okay, but I follow a lot of dogs on Instagram and if too many humans are in the pictures, I unfollow.

Okay. If a cat friend comes in there, come on.


It's a cat. But I think we're a little more diplomatic, shall we say.

I mean, when it comes down to it, it's all pet love.

Yes, exactly. It's all somebody that we can come home to and, depending on how much a cat trusts you, be affectionate with you. And so again, if this is your first time listening, then maybe you should know a little bit about us. Katy and I are friends. We're pet parent associates.


Yep. Cohorts. We're both comedians. We live in the city with our significant others and most importantly, our pets. Our furbabies.


Our pet-a-ronis, the San Francisco treats. And we just want to have this podcast with the help of Fresh Pet, which is delish. Am I right? I've eaten it. Anyway ...

It happened.

It happened.

You're right.

It happened. We get to have this podcast where we share stories of wacky things that happen and then sweet poignant things that happen, then also derpy things that happen and things that are truly narsty.

We've been oversharing our whole lives and now it's time for us to do it with you. We talk about our pets constantly. Have you ever been told to give it a rest?

Yes. By my sisters when they're like, "We'd like to go tend to our children now if you would ... " I'm like, "I know how that feels. Sometimes Candy, when she doesn't get her swirly toy, I mean ... "

Yeah. She gets grumpy.

Yeah. They're like, "We birthed them from our own bodies, so please stop comparing them to us." I'm like, "Right, right, right. Anyway, just look at this last picture of Phoebe in a bandana, please. Thank you."

Guess who's not gonna cost us money on college tuition?

Animals. And also-

"Actually, Katy, I was thinking about pursuing a higher education. Maybe something we talk about?"

You know what? How about a state school. All right? A community college. A community pawlege. I did it! What do you think Flufe would study? He definitely needs to go to art school. He's like, "You just don't understand." You just don't want to do the accent.

"You just don't understand me, mommy." I mean, honestly I think wherever he goes, I don't really see him focused enough to be an artist if we're being 100% here. I see him changing his major quite a few times ending up with a half-assed philosophy degree.

Or maybe a half-ass philosophy degree who also models for the art students.


It's like, "I need to make a little extra scratch, so I'll bare my body so they can learn how to make certain shapes."

He's a nude model. He takes off his little tiny Hawaiian shirt. Bares it all.

I have a real question about cats because we talked about this a little. I'm super allergic to cats so I can hang out with them a little bit, but I can't stay overnight or anything.

Before you die.

Yeah. Before my throat closes up and I stop breathing. One time I had to give an essay back to a teacher in college because she had graded it with her cats on it and I was like, "I'm having a reaction."

Oh my god!

"You just keep this."

So you obviously, you're like automatic A.

I didn't get As, did I? So, when Flufe sleeps, this is something new to me as a new dog mom, he likes to go on his back and just like ... Legs out, belly up, paws out. Sometimes his eyes are actually open-


... but he's sleeping and he's just fully exposed and I had no idea that's how dogs slept. Sometimes they do that for belly rubs. Do cats ever like to expose their bellies?

Okay. That's a really good question. Actually, I have seen dogs do that. My cats sleep that way too, but they need to be in a real deep zen like that they've just had some catnip or something or maybe they've had a particularly delicious meal, maybe some Fresh Pet.

Delicious! Ooo. I love that Fresh Pet.

Maybe they'll get it. I put it in there because I wanted to, okay. No, really, seriously, yesterday Phoebe ate the ... What was it? The chicken and pumpkin selects, which the container it comes in, it kind of looks like what the pretzels and hummus comes in in that little snack pack thing and it made it ... I was like, "I want to eat this so badly. I want to take a pretzel and dip it in here and just eat it." Anyway, but she ate it and then she promptly fell asleep in a food coma and I took a picture of her bowl that had been knocked over from her eating it and just like blissfully sleeping.

But she does. They do get on their backs and they do that and their eyes roll back. Dogs don't have this, but cats have another eyelid. Are you aware of this?

No, tell me more.

It's as if they're in stigmata. Remember that movie? Anyway, and then sometimes I'll wake them up abruptly because I need to get them off of the ... What's it called? You know when your couch, your IKEA couch, makes an L?

It's a lounge.

Yeah, the sectional.

Oh, the ... yeah.

I'm like, "We bought this couch because I wanted to lay down here and watch The Real Housewives of Potomac, sprawled out."

That was awesome.

God bless 'em. Karen, I love you.

More of a Gizelle fan.

Okay. Moving on.

Do they take your spots?

They take our spots. But if I wake them up then abruptly, her eyes open and then the whites move over. It looks really creepy. But they do show their bellies. Here's also the thing.

Tell me.

Phoebe will show you her belly and it'll be like, "I love you." And cats will do that. It's a sign of trust. That does not mean you can touch Phoebe's belly. You can do that. You can touch her belly three times before she will tear you to effin' shreds.

What happens on the fourth time?

If you try to do it, it's as if she becomes one of those claw machine things at a restaurant when you try to pick up a stuffed animal. She'll hook on to you and then scratch the ever-loving you know what out of you.

Well, cats and dogs, what ... As someone who, because you know me. This is my very first pet, allergic to cats, I didn't really have much of a choice.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

But someone like you, you grew up with dogs. You were a dog walker for a while. What made you adopt these cats?

Yeah. I grew up, I had a yellow lab named Taylor when I was growing up and then I had a pug, a black pug named Shadow.

And that yellow lab grew up to be Taylor Swift.

That's true. That's true. That song, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, it's about the Buntings' dog down the street, that golden retriever. We all know it. Such a will they/won't they relationship. Anyway, we got that dog, we inherited that dog. But yeah, I grew up with dogs and then other hamsters, goldfish, turtles. And then when I moved into the city I was very busy in between gigs. I wouldn't know when I would come home. And so I really wanted to have animals and I did love cats. And then I was walking dogs and so I was like, "Oh, I think I want to get a cat." I noticed that there were so many stray cats in the city too and so many are in need of a home that it just took ... And there's an adoption fair or special event going on all the time.

At every corner.

On every corner. And so it just felt right and it was such a good move. I feel like cats scratch this part of my brain for me and I feel like dogs do ... Cats are more like ... What do they need and what do they think? And look at how agile and they're so much like a cheetah or a jaguar. You see the lion, the bigger cat, in them sometimes and it's very interesting in the psychology of them and why they like things and why they don't like things. And then dogs are just so unconditional love and happy and peppy.

So that's why I ended up getting cats. I think my fiance was the person that really ... He really loved cats. I always loved cats before that, but I really started to ... I don't want to say hang out with cats more because that sounds like I was just was in somebody's apartment and was like, "I just want to hang out with your cat now. Can I get some cat time?" They'd just come home and be like, "I'm just chillin' with your cat."

Honestly, there are worse things. I've had a friend who's gone through a breakup and I was like, "You want to just have a couple of hours with the little guy while I'm out? You just hang out."

Your husband?

No, he was busy. And he's not a little guy.

That's why it was funny on many fronts. I definitely think a time when I was like, "Oh, I want companionship, but I don't want to inconvenience a pet." Not to inconvenience me, to inconvenience a pet that can thrive indoors, basically.

Well, I think part of the reason it took us so long to get a dog, especially in the city, New York ... It takes me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work.

That's a really long time.

That's kind of an extreme. I've kind of had bad luck with that. Even though I love my place, I like my job. But I feel like where my mom works in North Carolina, she can just jet home in the middle of the day and take him for a walk, check on him, no big deal, but it's so much like you have to be able to take care of the walks during the day.

Are cats groomed ever or do they just kind of take care of their own business?

They do groom themselves and it's quite funny to watch them groom themselves. Candy will let us brush her. Phoebe, again, it's three strokes and you're done because if it's any more then her ears start to go back, they narrow, and it means that you're about to get your ass whooped, so. And it kind of sucks and I don't know if you experience this at all. From a biological standpoint this is probably the same. Phoebe gets dandruff and it's because she doesn't drink enough water. We try to find ways to put ... We basically make soup for her with her meals to try to supplement more water.

Trick her in to getting hydrated?


Oh, poor baby.

And so brushing her I feel like is super necessary because it helps us get rid of her dandruff. And so when I'm doing it I'm like, "I don't want you to be the kid in class with dandruff. Please let me brush you."

"The other moms will think I'm a bad mom."

Exactly. Also when people come over and she's full of dandruff, I can't keep on telling them she's dehydrated.

Oh, me brushing out his hair after the last time he was groomed I felt like the mom that was trying to get gum out of the kid's hair the night before picture day. "Come on. We've got big doings next week."

It's like that mother is one step below show mom and that show mom is one step below pageant mom. You know what I mean?

I know.

You are a pageant mom.

I'm not saying Kris Jenner is my hero, but ...

She's my absolute nightmare actually.

She's my absolute nightmare, actually. This is ... it's the same with cats and dogs who hate Kris Jenner and who love Kris Jenner.

Either side of the coin.

I'd rather waste my time on more important things, like MTV "The Challenge," that's how ... that's my garbage thing that I like to watch, and I force my pets to watch. But does Floof ever get dandruff? Like, eye boogers. Let's talk about eye boogers.

He doesn't get dandruff, but ... well, Andrea can see, for those listening, he just constantly has those eye boogers. We do take little cotton balls and like a concoction that's supposed to help take them out, but it really just reduces it or helps thin it out so it will kind of come out naturally, but they're just always there. It always looks like he's been crying mud.

I feel like Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels, Portuguese Water Dogs, they constantly have eye boogers. All the time. I don't know if it's ... the fur is actually very similar, it's that very soft.

It's technically like hair.


That's why you have to get it cut so much as opposed to other dogs, you're I guess not supposed to groom at all. I guess that was kind of interesting for me, is I knew it was gonna be kind of expensive to get a dog, but where the cost trade off, a friend of mine who lives nearby adopted a dog around the same time. Shout out, Ripley, hey girl. That's the dog, not the girl. But Ripley is a bigger black lab, really young, and they're just tearing through food. They're buying like big bags, it just keeps coming, and give her a bully stick and it's gone. This guy's been chewing on the same deer antler, which is his best friend, for like three weeks. The last one he actually got down to a shiv and we had to throw it out and replace it.

He's really trying to make a break for it, I think.

Right. But the cost with him, we just have to get him groomed and a haircut every six weeks.

Yeah. In that way the expenses are not the same. I would say food wise and then for cats at least, is food wise and then getting litter. That's a whole other element.

How much litter do you go through? Sorry, this is educational for me.

No, it's fine.

From like an outside perspective.

Okay. My fiance and I are divided about this, because he's like, "You don't need to change the litter that much," and I was like, "You need to change it like every two weeks fully change it," but yeah, I say change it every two weeks. Jonas cleans it every night. He handles the output and I handle the input. That's basically ...

That's teamwork.

It is. We got it down to a science now.

I think that I could get ... if I weren't allergic, I might have gotten a cat when I was single or when we were really busy, but I wouldn't have even considered getting a dog unless ... if my gentleman hadn't been on board.

Yeah. I think that's also like ...

It's a two person job.

It is, it is. There's another thing too, like you don't have to take a cat out to go to the bathroom. Candy actually does play fetch, which I know is unusual for a cat.

You said that and I was like, "Yeah, okay. One time she kind of picked up a mouse that you threw over there," but you showed me a video.

I showed you a video.

And it's straight up fetch.

Yeah. She looks at me with her big, beautiful ... She's got ... Okay, have you ever seen the movie "Shrek" with Puss n Boots?


She's got Puss n Boots eyes for sure. She's like, "What do you need from me? Do you love me?" I'm like, "I'll give you the world, cat. I'll give you the world." Yeah, she definitely goes and plays fetch. She likes to also try to drown the mouse toy in the water as if it's a real mouse. Very resourceful.

Oh, okay. And that's what you do with mice.

Yeah, I guess. That's so interesting dogs vs cats is like training vs not training. I never trained my cat to learn how to just drown a mouse. She just knows instinctively how to do that apparently.

Do you do any training for cats?

I guess the only thing we do is absence of privileges, if that counts. Meaning like they know they're not supposed to go into the bedroom. They've been conditioned to do certain things, but they're not trained.


They know at the end of the night they ... well they know when I say, "Girls," when they're fighting that that means that they have to stop fighting.

Honestly every time you say that I sort of like ...

I know, to be like ... You get very straight. Your posture gets very straight and you're like, "Yes, I did take that $5 from ... ".

I'll confess.

They respond to that or they know at the end of the night when the door closes that they're not going in there and so they don't try. In that way I feel like they have. I also think it's interesting that cats just kind of ... I mean, there have been accidents when we got Candy because she was a kitten, but for the most part, she knows to go to the bathroom in a box, in the litter box. There's something I suppose they're attracted to in the scent of the litter, because cats no how to pee outside in the wild, but dogs have to be trained with a specific, some kind of coordination, right?

Yeah. It was ... he was already trained when we got him, but he ... it still took some getting used to because he was nervous in a new place and I am sure whatever routine he had before wasn't the same as what we had and he'd been in a shelter for a few days so that's really disorienting. We just started to find the pattern with him. There was one thing, it wasn't quite training, but it was like if we leave ... because he sleeps in bed with us. If we leave the bedroom door open in the middle of the night and he wanders around then sometimes he'll pee.


But if we close it and so he's just in the bedroom, then when we open it then it's morning, it's time to go out.

It's a signal.


Mm-hmm (affirmative).


It's funny. It's like door open, Floof open. Door closed, Floof closed for business. For pee business.

I mean, dogs are supposed to be more trainable than cats, but again, he doesn't play fetch. He also does not go downstairs so ...

Also, maybe we should get into this whole thing, dogs on leashes, cats on leashes. Obviously, okay ...

Would you try the [inaudible 00:19:38]?

I would and actually there's a period of time, I did buy a harness. This is before we had Candy. I couldn't get her to fit in the one for the cats so I had to buy a dog one.

Big gals.

She's a BCC as I've said before, a big, curvy cat. But I was like, "She's gonna slip out of this," so at least what was available at the local retailer was not big enough for her, so the dog leash I got her she was definitely gonna wiggle out of. There's more ... this one was a more traditional, similar to the harness that you had on where it's the series of fabric like ropes ... you know what I'm saying.


The nylon and all that.

It doesn't constrict their necks, but you're just like strapping them in around their legs and their middle. Yeah, that.

We were at the post office the other day and a woman was in there with her cat on the leash. The cat was very, very even-keeled, very well-behaved. She let me hold her actually for a second and she actually didn't want to let go. We really bonded.

Don't you feel like you've slipped into an alternate universe when you see that?

Yes, I do.

It's something like, "Oh no, am I in Wonderland now?"

With a cat on in a harness and on a leash?

Yeah. You're walking down the street and you see a cat just like going for a walk.

Or in a post office?

The post office.

Like the unhappiest place on earth and all of a sudden I'm feeling joy. That was not supposed to be what was supposed to happen. I think it's like when I do see a cat outside, it's a cat running free because it's an outdoor cat or something. But that worries me, especially in the city because they could easily get hurt or killed. I support people that do it, but it does look weird because I'm just not used to it. However, there were things I wasn't used to a long time ago and now that I live in New York, it's totally ... it's normal now. I do want to try it, it does look weird, yes.

You know what I hate though the most? Is when owners, and I want to hear how you feel about this as a dog owner, that have dogs that aren't on leashes. Now this is different, there's a park by us that has off the leash time obviously, totally understand that. However, when I'm walking down the street and you're like, "Oh, they're trained," and it's just like ... when a dog isn't on a leash. I think, again, if you're up in the countryside and you have a lot of roaming hills and free space and property and forests that you can go into, I totally get it, but if you're on a New York City street and you're letting your dog walk down it without a leash on, I don't get it. It's such a power move to me. That's what it feels like.

Totally, yeah. The other day we were outside and there were three dogs of all different sizes, it was a colorful cast of characters. There was-

It was a real Goldilocks situation.

It was a big red-headed Floof king, Floof man if you will, a medium-sized black and white dog, and then a small white dog. They were halfway little, but they were [inaudible 00:22:36] and the medium-sized dog was barking at Floof. He wasn't gonna attack, but I think he was just ... you know, being a dog, and Floof just like was, "I hear you, I'm not gonna look at you. I couldn't care less." He stopped and he peed like two feet away from this dog. I was freaking out at him. It was like-

So the dog was like barking at-

We're walking ... we're getting ready to go out, we see these dogs and he's like, "I don't care. I keep going. I don't see anyone but what's in front of me and what I got to do for my business." We stop and he actually decides, he twirls around and he's like, "We're going right here." He pees. He also pees like a girl, he squats, like two feet from this dog. He's like, "Look at me."

There's a dog that I used to walk named Daisy and when she pees, she lifts both her legs like she's doing some very technical Pilates move, and I'm just like, "I'm so impressed by your flexibility. It's really making me question my life choices." It's quite funny. She's quite talented.

It's just the laziest way to do it. That's what he's all about.

May I say something inappropriate? I love that he poos, well obviously poos, what dog poos with their one leg up like it's just coming out of their butt? That's showing off. That's a power move. If a dog can poop just on one leg, but that peeing sitting down. My fiance and I talk about that. He's like, "I do it. It's just more comfortable."

Okay, but I totally understand if they're going to that park. Back to the no leash thing.


I totally understand that, but for instance, one day I was walking in Greenpoint by this McGuinness Boulevard, which is a very busy road that leads to a very busy bridge, and there's just a dog walking by itself and I was like, "Oh my god. This dog must be lost." He was very friendly so I got down and I was ... I just was looking around, I didn't see anyone. I was about to pick him up, and the guy came around the corner and started yelling at me. He's like, "That's my dog." I was like, "Why don't you put him on a leash? I thought he was ... ". He was accusing me that I was going to steal the dog. I was like, "When you don't have a leash on a dog by a busy street, yes, I'm going to steal this dog."

Yeah, so he doesn't get hit. Do your cats ever get out the window or anything?

No, they haven't but Candy will try to bolt when the door is open. Luckily, there's two other doors downstairs. We do sometimes let her just kind of walk out in the hallway a little bit, just because I feel bad for her, which is why ... Okay, which is why I kind of want to get a leash because I feel like she has a lot of energy and it could be served. If we were in a more rural area, I'd probably let her be an outdoor cat, but since we're in the city that's not happening. We let her walk out a little bit, because it starts to remind me of the movie "Room," not the room, but the movie "Room" with Brie Larson and I'm like, "How am I any better than that guy that held Brie Larson captive with her son?"


This is just Stockholm syndrome. That's what this is with these cats.

What's the longest you've ever left them home alone?

We've traveled for two weeks, but we had either someone stay with them or if that person couldn't stay the whole time we'd have someone go in and check on them once a day. It's of course to feed them, it's the other to make sure that they haven't broken anything. We take all the knobs off.

They haven't broken anything. We take all the knobs off of oven because I had a friend, and Candy climbs up on the oven, and we have gas stoves in New York because we are in 1890, I don't know why exactly. But they will jump up on, so we take it off because I had a friend once, her cat caused a gas leak in her apartment because she stepped up on the stove and turned on the gas. The fire department had to come and evacuate everyone out of the building 'cause gas had been leaking in there for a long time, so now I take the knobs off of my stove basically.

Let's talk about body language. Let's talk talk about body language, let's talk your hands and mine, let's talk about facial . . . Not in mine. Let's talk about dance spaces, yours and mine. Okay. Are there things that like Floof does, that like, it's just a tell, as one would say, it's a tell-tale sign that he feels a certain, makes you feel a certain way.

Well, for example, what he's did right now, he just flopped onto his side and [kinda leaned over 00:27:09], which means he's expecting belly rubs.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

His ears are very active.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

They'll like perk up or move to the side. If I ever whistle or try to impersonate Mariah Carey and do whistle tone, and you're welcome, I'm not gonna do it now, his whole head goes to the side and he's like "Ooh, that's not in key."

I love dog head tilts. They make me laugh so hard.

I know. [crosstalk 00:27:36] That and he reacts, like, his head goes up and he'll like get really intense. There's like a ton of noises outside our house, like, doesn't really bother him. Nothing, fireworks, nothing bothers him except for motorcycle sounds.

What are some things like, for me, personally, there are things I'm excited about in preparation for having a dog, that I'm really jazzed about. And then there are some things that I'm like, "I'm not looking forward to that," or I'm glad for at least this amount of time that we've been so busy we've avoided. Is there anything for you like that with cats?

Yeah, I mean, I think, one thing I'm really grateful for, cats are climbers, okay?


Floof, well, he can get his climb on, but he's not like jumping on, he's to able to get to the oven. He's not able to get to the kitchen table or the sink or anything like that. So, I mean, while obviously I like to have a relatively clean house, I don't need to worry about things like getting knocked over or something that he could get into, but being up there. That's like kind of a big relief. Man, I do wish that we could just let him rock out a litter box.


Waking up at eight am on that Saturday morning and just having to take him out, that's not great.


My neighbors have now seen me in all states of dress and undress. I'm like, "I've just gotta do this. Look away, avert your eyes."

That's what I love, like when they catch celebrities out with their dogs and they're like wearing the worst outfits ever 'cause they literally are like, "Let's just get this over with." You know what I mean? And I'm just like, 'cause you can just know how that feels. 'Cause I've like, dog-sat before, or when we had dogs when I was younger.


It was like, I don't care how I look right now.

You know, as an introvert, I feel like I get cats on some level.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

But I just, as an introvert, I want something to come to me. I want an animal to be like, "But I love you." And Floof does that. [crosstalk 00:29:35] feel like you've really earned it.

Yeah, like, I guess I feel like I've auditioned for everything else in my life, so I also have to audition for the love of my animal, you know?

So we did that survey and I wanted to read, actually. I was gonna do it later, we can talk about, someone shared the best funny dog story about Star Wars. This is Liz in Richmond, Virginia. She goes, "A new Star Wars movie was coming out, so we were re-watching the original and dog was watching with us, eye glued to the screen when the sliding doors opened for our first look at Darth Vader. He jumped to his feet and barked loudly at the TV, barked at us, then ran for the door. 'Get out!' he seemed to be saying. 'That guy is dangerous!'"

You should take him like to work, to meet new friends, if you're single, on any dates, prospective dates, just to really have him vetting.

That's something, actually, that people say often, is like, they'll be like dogs know. Dogs can read energy. I think cats just think everyone's evil.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

But dogs are like, if they seem wary, then I'd stay wary, you know?

There hasn't been anyone that he's had a really bad reaction to. But when I did bring him into work, he reacted to people like based on how I felt about them. So that was tough, I was like, "Oh, that's so interesting. He usually likes everyone, and I like you fine." But he like, I don't know.

Wait, wait. So there were people that you didn't like that he automatically like didn't like?

Well, people that I just like didn't know as well, like weren't as comfortable with. And he [crosstalk 00:31:18].

Name names.

And he would be like not as comfortable with it, like just not know what to do. I don't know. I guess they know.

I really wanted, you were bringing up some of the responses we got on social media from our Freshpet gang. There's one in particular, it's gonna take me a second to find it.

While you're looking for that, why don't I tell you, this was actually the same person. Her responses were hilarious and I wanna know more about her dog. She said, it's like, tell us what's unique about your little one. She goes, "Ay, captain. The one-eyed Saint Bernard. He used to be 'Ay, ay, captain,' but one of his eyes had to be removed."

Oh my goodness.

[inaudible 00:32:02] He watches TV, like Star Wars, and loves Cesar Millan and the Westminster Dog Show. Me too.

Oh my god, watches TV with his one eye. Very intently. That's so amazing. And also, like, what if, what a self-fulfilling prophecy that was, right?

I found the one that I was looking for. I don't know who wrote this. All it said, and I think this could be a t-shirt, okay? "Spoiled eight-pound Yorkie with a 100-pound attitude." That's all she wrote. Dun, dun, dun, dun.

Okay, so I know we've talked about this before and that you already have something prepared for Floof as the catchphrase.


He would really be a [Duchess 00:32:45].

Uh, wow.

I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean, like a lighting rod.

Ooh, okay. So his tagline would be, "My eyes may be crooked, but I'll always give it to you straight."

Like, I already knew it, [inaudible 00:33:08] I still was like, I'm not ready for it. Also, how he read it, too, was like so necessary.

This is the one I came up with for Phoebe. Okay. "My name's Phoebe Buffay Shapiro and that's because this world, for me, is all you can eat.


Okay, and then I have one for Candy, when it's like, "Just because I've got a sweet name, doesn't mean my tongue ain't rough."

Oh. Oh my. [inaudible 00:33:46]

She's got a very rough tongue and we've like, sometimes when we're eating cheddar popcorn, she'll come over and lick it and I'll be like, "Your tongue is like a razor, Jesus."

I would say, you know, just kind of going back to like cat and dog differences. Though it is convenient to have a litter box, the problem that you run into is a lot, like, for instance. Phoebe, it happens with Phoebe 'cause she has more hair and I think she also can't see back there as well as Candy can, because, you know, there's more to love. And oftentimes she gets some, shall we call them dingleberries? I know dog parents can relate to dingleberries.


But the thing is, she'll have already pooped in the house, so she'll come out, she'll be trying to run away, she'll feel something back there and she'll think it's a live thing, like on her, and then she'll, you know, scoot it off of her butt and then she'll go back and then, with the remnant, because I've already told you that I feel like there's pieces of litter everywhere, she'll try to find pieces of litter and then pretend like she's covering it. She's, and it's so sad 'cause she's like, "I'm trying, here, okay?"

Doing the best she can.

I'm like, "I saw that, and the thought counts, kid. All right? It really does." What about you, what's like a story?

Okay, so I've been pretty lucky with Floof, 'cause also, we got him a little older. He only had like two in-home accidents while he was getting used to us. Someone actually wrote in on social media with one that I feel like really epitomizes what a lot of dog owners see. It's Theresa from Lakeville, Minnesota. She goes, "Yesterday was a big day for Josie. She has two dead baby rabbits that she is very proud of. Carried them all over the yard, buried them multiple times. She also pulled a dead bull head out of the lake and rolled in it. Bath time."

We heard from a bunch of people, I think 85% of them talked about their dog pooping and eating it.

And eating it. So much of that. So much of it. And also, there was one that I really love. Okay, one is, "Threw up a bird." That's all it said. Just threw it up, nothing more.

Well, cats and dogs are both the best, and . . .

We love them. But you know who's terrible? Birds. No, I'm just kidding. This podcast is taking a firm anti-bird stance.

You know what we really don't like? Those geese, all right? Specifically. They eat all our bread. Anyway.

But I just kinda feel like we don't, this is a utopian society in this room. We don't have to choose. I wanna be greedy and just say, "I like cats and I like dogs."

So true. If I could I'd have both, and soon you will have both.

I will soon. I'm very excited about it.


Mostly because I feel like Candy will stop bugging Phoebe and Candy will bug the dog, so then Phoebe's like, "I can finally get some rest here." Kaity, this has been such a pleasure. We also wanna give a shout out to, who made it all possible, Freshpet. Delicious.

Thanks, boos.

I never thought I would ever get my cats to eat pumpkin, and it did. Lovingly. We tricked them. We did it, you guys.

Well, just to tease you guys in for next week.

Oh, tease 'em.

For our next episode coming out soon to you guys, we won't be gone for long. Love, it's a four-legged word. And some animals, they have four legs. Some don't. We love 'em all, don't we? Just the same. Doesn't make them any less lovable.

But sometimes when you have a pet, it's like, all right, what do I expect? What to expect when I'm expecting to adopt a pet?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

We're gonna talk about all the mess, all the cuteness, all the things that you never thought were gonna come up when you adopted your fur baby.

And our adoption journeys, which I think are so special. I'm excited to her yours.

Yes, there's a lot of helping hands, helping paws, if you will. . .


. . . that helped us to get the animals that we have today.


So, that'll be on our next episode. We'll miss you guys until then.

Share your stories with us on social media. Look at for Freshpet on Facebook or Instagram.

Guys, we'll see you next week. Love you.

Bye, love you, bye.

Bye. Okay.

This podcast was made by Freshpet. Real pet food made with all-natural ingredients, steam-cooked without preservatives, and ready to serve fresh from the fridge. To learn more, visit freshpet.com.

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