Episode 3 – Love is a Four-Legged Word

17 Sep 2018 | Written by Freshpet
What does true love between pet and parent look like? Episode 3 sees Andrea and Kaity dive into their own adoption stories, and talk about how your world gets rocked when you open your home up to a pup (or kitty!). They explore love at first sight, the decision whether or not to sleep together as a pack, and the fetching concept of pawternity leave.  

Episode Transcript

You know what I'm saying here?

So what you're saying is we're better than people that just have kids.

That's precisely what I'm saying, and I was so glad that you picked up on that.

Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing, brought to you by Freshpet.



Hey everyone. Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing. I'm Andrea Ilene Shapiro.

I'm Kaity Reagle, and I'm a Floof boy.

Oh, thank you. Floof is wearing what I would describe as Snoopy's Red Baron outfit.

He's an ace fighter pilot.

He had to outdo us today, oversharing and outdoing us. If this is your first time listening to this podcast, welcome. Where have you been? So basically on this podcast, what we like to do is talk about the cute, the weird, and yes, the gross and shocking things that happen when you become a pet parent.


And thanks to Freshpet, they gave us this opportunity where we get to bring Floof into a studio and dress him in cute little outfits. Kaity-

Before it was just me doing it at home alone in my bedroom, so.

Now you're just like, "Oh, thank God. Now I have a purpose." And these are tax deductible outfits now, so just write that off.


So today we're going to talk about a very, very special word: love.


Love is a four-legged word.

It's a four-floofed word.

Oh, yes it is. It's a hard word for Floof. All words are. Anyway.

Love. Oh, yeah. That is hard. Nice try.

Floof, you really like to add a few syllables to [inaudible 00:01:53]. Sorry, Floof just lifted his head up and he was like, "Yes, are you beckoning to me?"

I'm doing the best that I can, Andrea.

Before we started, we had a pile of papers and Floof of course was like, "This is the most important place for me to lay down right now."

Kaity's already looking right here, so I should put myself there so she can look at me.

Right. So, but Floof, what would happen if she needed to read something, though, off of the notes?

What is reading?

It's when your eyes are looking one direction. I know that sometimes it's a little hard for you.

I'm going to stop you right there. It's going to be a no from me, dog.

You know, speaking of things that our pets can do, we just, we love them regardless of what their abilities are. We're very obsessed, and we call ourselves pet parents-

Because we are.

We are, yes. And in a lot of ways, we feel like these are our children.

So you know, people get a little up in arms about the term pet parents.


But I think what it comes down to is being a parent and a pet parent are both important things but different.

Well, I know you and I have spoken about this before. I think that people's definitions of families are a little different, and me personally ... So I know I've talked about this before, the adoption process for us, which I would love to talk about today. It was very much I left it up to destiny, and I remember I watched Sarah Silverman on The View one day ... I watch her do anything, pretty much ... and she was saying we adopt animals. Why are we not adopting children more often? You know what I mean? And basically was just like ... And I was like, I feel the same. I don't know if I will have children one day, but I would like destiny to decide for me what heart ends up with me, and I mean, certainly the ... Under the law, a dog is different than what a person is.

True, true.

Like, I do understand that. But as far as living beings go and letting a heart choose your heart ... God, this sounds so cheesy right now, but this is absolutely-

It's true, though.

I feel like this is something that ... A heart find your heart is like what you find in like Precious Moments in the mall. You know what I mean? Like and you get it engraved on a jewelry box that you're giving your dad's girlfriend. Very specific. Anyways, for me it's like it's the same emotion. It's the same emotion.

And you still have to take it super seriously.


It's like, you know, you don't just haphazardly take on a being into your family.

That's why I think people that are so offended by it just have to keep in mind that every living being means so much to some people.

Also, understanding that there is kind of a ... That parent relationship with being a pet parent doesn't take away from what your relationship is with a human child.

Absolutely not, yeah.

Okay. Okay. So think about it this way.


Being a biological parent doesn't actually make you a parent for those people. Like you can be the mother and father through a different way, through a different bond. Those bonds are the same ones that we establish with our pets.

No, I totally understand what you're saying. Like, okay, Kim Cattrall, who I love, came out and said something recently. She's like, "I'm not a mother per se, but I've been a mom to people in my life." You know what I mean? And on Mother's Day recently ... Like, okay. So I wonder also if some of our Freshpet folks on social media were talking about if they celebrate like Mother's Day or Father's Day. I feel like there should be a new holiday. Hallmark would be so excited. It's like Pet Mommy and Daddy Parent Appreciation Day. I feel like it's got to exist already.

Aw, that'd be cute.

It would be great.

We actually get ... There was a survey, and they shared the results with us, said 29% of pet parents have celebrated their pet parenthood on Mother or Father's Day.


Which seemed low to me, but I would like to add that only 46% celebrated their dog's birthday.

Okay, but isn't it difficult to know when your dog's birthday is exactly?

You can decide when his birthday is.

We did decide. We did that too, yes.

I decided. It also played into what astrological sign I felt was appropriate.

But so you read your horoscope every day and Floof's horoscope?

Sure do. Do some compatibility tests as well.

That is pretty amazing. So Susan Miller, you go on and ... Do you know who Susan Miller is?


Okay. Sorry. Yes. So you read Floof's and you read your own. What is Floof's moon sign? Do you know?

You know, I don't.

You haven't gotten his chart read?

I haven't gotten the chart read. I do know he is a Taurus. And you know, Cancer, Scorpio. We're both water signs. We are compatible with Tauruses, so good going, little buddy.


But I think it's fun to just like celebrate stuff like that. And you know what? Sure. Maybe Mother's/Father's Day ... I mean, also, who's to say who's a mother, who's a father? What are these gender terms?

Yeah, and now that-

We just say pet parent.

Pet parent.

We did ... It's not like an official thing that my job did, but my boss at the time when I was getting ready to adopt, she was like, "Okay, well, let's set up some pet-ternity leave for you."

Yeah. Wait, [Corina 00:07:31], Corina our Freshpet queen, said that she had to take maternity leave because for-

Paw-ternity leave.

Paw-ternity leave. Meow-ternity leave.


When she first got her puppy because the puppy was having a hard time adjusting.

It's the same way with him. I don't know if this has ever happened with the cats, but like there have been times and I'm like, "Oh, he's acting a little funny." I'm lucky that sometimes I can work from home, and if it's like that, same way that I'm sure people do with their children. You know, kid's got the flu, you got to take care of them.

Yeah. When we first ... And this would be a great way for us to start talking about our adoption stories. When we first adopted [Candy 00:08:14], we had gotten a lot of advice from Jackson Galaxy, as you know, who sometimes I read his advice and I do the exact opposite, but sometimes I take what he has to say. I mean, the man has mutton chops to die for, so I feel like when you have that, you have to trust somebody. But he had recommended on his website to make sure that we give a lot of attention to Phoebe, our house cat, who is now almost five years old. Or, no, she is five years old now. And we knew that already, like we didn't want her to feel left out, and I know for people that have children that this is something they're concerned about as well.

When my sister Tara had her second child, she definitely made sure to give Kate, my niece, a lot of attention. She was like, "Oh, your baby brother's here. Here's a gift for you. Oh, here's a shirt that says I'm a big sister. Like you're involved, you're in on it." You know what I mean? And in that way, we ... Jonas spoke to Phoebe in Swedish and told her that she was about to get a new sister. We definitely had expectations of how it was going to go when we went to go get Candy, of how Phoebe was going to act towards her. We thought it was going to be maternal because we suspected that Phoebe probably had a litter at some point in time because of the way her belly hangs. It looks like it's a bit of that she's ... You know, she's got a mom bod.

That there's been some things in it.

Yeah, like some beings were in there. Although, I don't know if I believe her, but one of the women that worked for the adoption agency that we got her from was like, "Oh, no. That's just how that cat's belly is," and I was like, "I don't know about that."

Oh. Okay, thanks.

Yeah, whatever.

I think we know better than you. I'm her mom.

I was like, how about you're saying it's her fault that she's like that? It's not her fault. Okay? Like-

Wait, what's Phoebe's sign?

Phoebe is a Scorpio like me.

Oh, mm-hmm (affirmative). That checks out.

It does make sense. So when we got her, we got a baby gate, so we "kenneled" her. We kenneled Candy when we first got her because we knew we needed to slowly introduce them to each other. So we got a baby gate. We separated them. I mean, the word baby gate alone. Like we had to go on Amazon and buy a baby gate. There's not a kitten gate, there's a baby gate.

See, I know what it is you're talking about-

It sounds like-

... that it's a gate, but then I'm also like, baby gate.

Baby gate, all the babies escaped from the orphanage.

Can I talk about something real for a second too?

Uh-huh (affirmative).

I got to say, so you know human parents. You know what we could call pet parents? I'm going to call them human parents.

Let's do it.



There's like a co-sleeping movement, I guess, like you know ...

There's a co-sleeping movement, I guess. You want to sleep with a child and bond and that seems a little weird to me, but then again, I never want to sleep without Floof Boy.

You're actually not supposed to sleep with the baby in the bed until they're a certain age.

Oh, really?

They're supposed to be in a crib, no blankets, no nothing, just the crib, because with their little spastic hands, could whatever. In that way, animals are different, but when we first got Candy, so we had her in the room with us and Phoebe saw her or whatever and couldn't care less, but Jonas went and slept on the couch with Phoebe and I slept with Candy in the bedroom because Jonas didn't want Phoebe to feel left out because Phoebe used to sleep in our bed all the time.

Does she not anymore?

No. Not anything she did, because Candy can't sleep in our bed.

No wonder she doesn't care for Candy.

I know. Exactly. I think it's probably good, though, that we have some boundaries with them, but Phoebe's so well-behaved when she sleeps there. It's Candy that knocks everything off. I mean, and the thing is we can't close the door because the litter box is out there, so if Phoebe needs ... We could be like, "Okay. We'll just take Phoebe in here and we'll leave Candy out there," but we ... the litter box and we don't want a litter box in our room because it just smells terrible.

Floof, in the winter months, likes to just tuck himself into my leg. When I was first getting used to him sleeping in there, I woke up one morning and I farted. Then I looked down and Floof's face was in my butt. I know we probably can't use that, but I just got to be real about it. I didn't know that all dogs like to sleep in the bed or a lot of them do. We hadn't really thought about it when we adopted him. In the night, too, he was like, "And I'm up and this is where I sleep," but I kind of like it, that it gives you a pack feeling. He's good. He's a good sleeper and he moves around with us. It has been really hot lately, and so he's been treating the air conditioner like it's his god, so he will get up and just lay in front of it for a while.

"The A/C is my God. The A/C is my God."

"My God."

"Hi-ho, the dairy-o."

I know you kind of touched on it previously. Tell me about the experience of adopting Floof, though.

Yes. Well, it's kind of a long story. First of all-

I got time. Let me get comfortable.

I've always wanted to adopt a dog and I remember we were out to dinner and Jared, my gentleman, delivered a prepared speech to be like, "And I think we're ready to get a dog." It was better than my proposal, which was great. I love you honey! But, really, it was like my heart soared. We went through some stuff with the landlord and then we started looking and went to rescues. I was like, "What are we doing with these rescues? Why are there so many rescues? Isn't there a shelter?" He was like, "Yeah, I mean, I'll go check it out." I was still at work and he went. He had been there five minutes and he saw this little pup and he snapped a picture and sent it to me. He's like, "I found Floof Boy." I showed my boss and I was like, "I got to go," and I ran out of the office and ran, basically like Superman flew uptown.

It was like "Run, Lola, Run." You were like, "I have to."

He was actually ... There were some other people who had a hold on him, but they were late to come do all the paperwork and so they were like, "Well, it's 6:30 now. If they're not here by 8:00, the hold is lifted and you can have him."

Did you wait?

And so we sat there and waited. They were so nice. They actually stayed late at the shelter to help us get everything. He had to get neutered still. We come back the next day. They were going to neuter him that day. We were going to take him home. It was Halloween. We get there and they say, "Oh, I'm sorry." I was like, "What? What's wrong?" They had neutered the wrong dog.

That dog was like, "It's not my time yet! It's not my time!"

He's like, "I am going down like this!" Then we had to come back the next day, but it was well worth the extra trip.

So they don't neuter dogs at the shelters until literally they're about to be sent off-

No. They do.

To their forever home?

We just had gotten him so quickly, I guess, after he was able to be adopted. It was like, "Okay. Well, let's do it and get him out."

It's so funny. This is going to be a total aside. I know ... What's her name? It's Serena something. She's a writer. She's this comedy writer. She was like, "Isn't it strange that we're like, 'Okay, dog. Come live in this house. Now you're never allowed to have sex ever again.'"

Well, that's the other thing. He was six-and-a-half when we got him.

And he wasn't neutered?

He goes, "My puppies! Where are my puppies?"

Where's Drew Carey and Bob Barker when you need 'em telling us to neuter our pets? Am I right?

I know. I like to think that there's little Floofs all over the city.

Yeah, and he'll just, on Maury, reconvene with them one day.

But he so doesn't care about other dogs. I feel like he'd just be like, "Dee dee dee dee dee" and walk right past 'em.

Can we do something? All right. I'm Maury and you're Floof on Maury. "We got the paternity test back, Floof. Are you ready for the results?"

"I don't know. I think whatever they say, I'm not a papa."

"Okay, so for the first dog with Michelle, the poodle, you are not the father."

"Yeah! I told you, Michelle! I told you, Michelle! Oh, you were all around town. It couldn't have been me. It couldn't have been me."

"Oh, no, Michelle. Come back! She ran offstage. She ran offstage."

"Bye, Michelle. Bye, bitch!"

"Next up: Ruby."


"Ruby, she lives over on the bowery."

"Yeah she does."

"Floof, you are the father."

"Oh, no!" And eight little wonked-eyed Floofs walk out. "Uh-oh. There it goes. Giovanni, Giuseppe, Francesca."

We forgot Ruby is from the Mediterranean."


"Elsa." And Norway.

Back to your adoption story.

Oh yeah.

We'll come back to Maury at some point, I'm sure, for Phoebe. Phoebe, we need to go back to ... Phoebe's like, "Where are my cats?"

Well, something that was kind of nice is at the time, Jared, he's a video editor. He was doing a month contract where he was doing nights, so it was kind of tough because when I was with him, I was alone and I was just getting to know him, but that meant that he was home with him during the day. Also, for a while, he would get home at like 4:00 in the morning. I would sleep through it and then I would wake up and just hear, "I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much. I love you so much," and I'd look over and be like, "Is that for me?" It was not for me. It was for Floof Boy. Floof Boy was like, "I love you, too. You okay. Thank you for the food."

I love it because I'll meet new dogs on the street and you won't ... I mean, I'll be like, "Oh, are they friendly?" Then I'll be like, "I love you." I literally would not say, "I love you," to a person that quickly, but I'm like, "I love you. I can see my whole life in your eyes right now, dog. Let me tell you." I met a baby pit bull the other day, a puppy, a baby pit bull.

I think that people should know that you did try to make out with my dog this morning, put mouth-


Put mouths on Floof Boy.

I succeeded. Look. He's looking up like, "I remember." What doesn't-

Sorry. Just to go back to these stats a little bit-

Oh, yes.

Only 30% of dog owners adopted from a shelter.

Wow! And there's so many needy dogs. We think we're actually going to go to a shelter when we go and get a dog because that just seems like the best experience.

It was awesome and the people there were really helpful, the people who work there and everything.

Yeah, they sounded that way. It sounded like you had a great experience.

We totally did. Oh, I didn't tell you the best part because you pay a fee, which we were happy to do, but because they neutered the wrong dog, they gave us a refund.

Wait. Why?

They were like, "For the inconvenience." I was like, "Oh, okay, but I still get our dog, right?"

I think that dog should get a refund or something. It's the one that got snipped.

Just sayin'.

I mean, I guess that dog would have eventually gotten fixed.

Yeah, you have to to leave the shelter.

Right, exactly.

So now you know how Floof got into our hearts, our beds, and became king of my husband's heart. Now, did you feel the love connection? I know it took Phoebe a little time to get out from behind the couch, which I feel like is a metaphor for a lot of us, but did you feel the love connection with her right away?

Yeah. I felt it on two levels. One, when I saw that picture of her and they said, "Her name Is Phoebe." I was like-

Love at first sight!

Yeah. Then also kind of when she was kind of looking possessed, I was like, "You're such a weirdo. You're my cat." I was like, "This is great." Then yeah, she just was so eccentric and silly, but she also kind of hates me, too, so we kind of had this weird dynamic in our relationship where I love her, but she's also like, "Where's your boyfriend?" Then we had her for a while, and then we started deciding. Once Jonas moved in and we kind of got situated and he could be there full-time, I was like, "I think she wants a buddy." I felt bad that it was just her alone and so we were like, "Okay. Let's get a kitten" because I was like, "Let's get a young cat" because we suspected that she had had kittens before. We were like, "Maybe she'll be maternal." We got it from this agency called "Paul the Cat Guy." Paul the Cat Guy is-

Wait, is it P-A-W-L?

P-A-W? Oh, I know. Pawl.


I like it also that it definitely sounds like someone in Astoria is saying it then. It's like, "Pawl the Cat Guy." You know, Pawl. He's a local legend, Paul the Cat Guy, because I brought something up on Facebook about Paul the Cat Guy and my friends in Astoria are like, "We love Paul the Cat Guy! We follow him on Instagram." Whatever.

They're like, we love Paul Cat Guy. We follow him on Instagram, whatever, but he really goes out, rescues kittens from all over Astoria, and documents it extremely well on his Instagram. Yeah, he's great. He has these ladies that work for him. We got in touch with them. I got it through my old dog walking agency. I was like, "Connect me," whatever.

The inside scoop.

Yes. I got some connections in the pet care world. I was very much in destiny mode where I was like, "Whatever kitten is up next is the one for me. I'm going to let the universe decide." They were like, "Well there's one and they're out in College Point." I was like, "All right, destiny is causing me a zip car ride right now, but I guess I will go do it." We went out to College Point to this lovely woman, Barb's house where she fosters many kittens.

Shout out Barb.

Shout out to Barb, who recently texted me. It's been a year since I adopted Candy. She's like, "How is Candy doing? Will you send me a picture," so lovely. Her and her husband, and her kids that she have there, they foster a bunch of cats and dogs. She has an old dog named Peanut that is an old Frenchie, 13 year old Frenchie. When we first went up to Candy she hissed at us, but she couldn't make a noise. It looked like she was just yawning. Then eventually she fell in love with Jonas as we all do. Just laid in his arms and actually Barb was like, "I've never seen her do that with any guy. She's been afraid of guys so far." I was like, "Oh, she's perfect." We took her home.

That's so special.


You get that instant connection. Just because we don't have an umbilical cord doesn't mean it's not special.

Yeah. The special moment for me when I really knew that, I mean one was of course when Jonas was holding her and she was looking up to him. I look at Jonas the way that Candy looked at Jonas. I was like, "Uh-huh." He was her God for a moment, until she met the printer. But we took her home, and we were taking pictures of her, and Jonas had her kind of sit up on her hind legs and we took a picture. She looked like a little Muppet. She just looked like a little Muppet and I was like, "Oh my God, she's so cute." Yeah, she's just hilarious.

I feel Floof is very particular type of individual. All dogs are different. All pets are different. But do you feel people give you unsolicited advice or gave you unsolicited advice?

That is a good question. Yes. But I'll also say that maybe next time around, maybe when Floof's ready for a little bro or sis, I'll be a little bit over that advice. But this is my very first pet. I've done a little dog sitting here and there, but I was very much like, "No, please keep it coming. Tell me all of it. I will sort through it once I have it all here." Yeah, it's good to know what the good things are that work, or what worked for someone else, just like it is for you and any journey. I think he's his own little guy.

I've definitely had unsolicited advice sent my way. I don't mind people giving me advice but I have to know you. I don't want to hear from some stranger on the street who's just like, "This is what you need to do," because that's not how I live my life. It's like, "Hey, do you want a suggestion, or please let me know." But there's some people, it's like, "Here's what you need to do." It's like, "I'm sorry, do I know you? Are you a part of my life? Get out of my face." I'm like, "You look crazy number one, your hair is crazy and you're missing a tooth. I don't think I want advice right now."

The craziest thing a stranger in public did with him though is one time I had him on the subway. Oh, he's running in his sleep again while he's laying here. I have one of those backpacks with the globe in the back like a little astronaut.

Yes, I love those.

Ground control to Major Floof.

Oh my God.

He was in that. We were going home, and there's holes in it. This woman was like, "Is there a dog in there?" Then stuck her finger in it. I was like, "You're lucky he's a good boy because I wouldn't blame him for biting her finger off lady."

Also don't touch my property, not Floof, my backpack. In New York City, someone put their hands on your backpack. It'd be like, "Excuse me."

I get so protective and nervous when someone comes up and tries to pet Floof without saying anything.

There was this great story that I love. I'm going to share it. There's Joel in New Windsor, New York. This also makes me a little jealous because it's so tender and Floof boy would never do this. There was a small older dog for adoption. He says, he was cute but a little scared. His dog, Delilah had been going over to him and licking his head. He gave Delilah a large piece of hamburger, so she took it in her mouth, stopped for a second, and then walked over to the other dog and dropped the hamburger at his feet, walked a short distance away, and watch the other dog. The dog did eventually pick up the hamburger and eat it.

Oh my goodness.

He said it was so sweet. Sounds like you could've heard a pin drop. An older couple had been watching and then offered to buy Delilah her own hamburger. Good deeds do pay off, they do.

That's what they all say. I don't know about all that.

You don't like doing good deeds there Floof? He said another woman made a comment, "Why can't humans be like that?"

There's one that we got from the Fresh Pet social media group here. Our younger greyhound is scared of fireworks. The older greyhound will spoon her when she is scared. Also, greyhounds are so leggy, that spooning session must be amazing. There's also another story that's similar to that one that I read, which is since Murphy doesn't have teeth, he can't enjoy chew treats. Willow, I guess the older dog, has chewed her bone, then brought it to him so he could gnaw on the soft part and enjoy it. It makes my heart smile when she does this.

George from Chicago says, "It seems funny to me that a dog is more likely to understand me than I am able to understand the dog. Unless I do serious background research or YouTube tutorials, and then 'tis still only a guess." It sure is it George from Chicago.

Thanks George.

I know that we do talk about people feeling kind of weird about the pet parent terminology, but 50% of people in the survey consider their dog, their child.

Only 50%? No I'm kidding.

Which is strange because only 46% of those celebrated their dog's birthday. Oh, this is my favorite. Obviously this wouldn't happen in your case because Jonas is the cat whisperer. He loves them. If they didn't get along and you had to choose, what would you do?

Well, okay. Here's the thing you have to keep in mind though, if I don't choose Jonas he has to go back to Sweden.

It's nice there.

Yes, it's nice. There are plenty of cats. Jonas is so much like a cat that I just, I can't even imagine them not getting along. This guy was saying that his girlfriend adopted some cats and he was like, "It's me or the cats," and then they broke up.

Pet parents who owned dogs for over five years, out of them 39% would break up with a significant other if they didn't like their dog.

Oh my God, these people must be so happy this is anonymous.

Interestingly enough, pet parents who've only had the dog for less than five years, out of them, only 23% would do the breakup. I have had Floof boy for about nine months. I'm married and if something happened, Jared, I'm sorry.

I guess the way I could think about it is if we got divorced, or if we broke up or something and Jonas had to go back to Sweden, what would happen to the cats. I think I would want to keep them together even though they hate each other, and they could care less if they're together. I think they like the dynamic of hating each other. You know what I mean?

It keeps things interesting.

It keeps them on their toes.

They're friendemies.

They're friendemies, exactly. Yeah. They're like Dwight Schrute and Jim. That's what I feel like. That's their relationship. I couldn't think of a better relationship to encapsulate them. I think I would keep them one, because I want to. Two, out of convenience because it's hella hard to try to get, you need to get a passport for a pet. You have to go and get a picture taken of them like it's a mugshot.

I want to do it just for funsies.

I know, right, exactly.

For any of you out there, if you have been dumped for not getting along with the dogs, reach out. Let us know how things are going. We're here for you.

I think there should be an app for how dogs socialize with each other, meet other dogs. There should be an app for people that got dumped for other people. People that got dumped for the pet and someone else that got dumped for a pet.

Oh, that'd be cute.

It is really nice.

This one's a nice one. 34% of people who responded have a bucket list for their dog. Why don't I have that?

One of them is to put my dog in a bucket, just travel around. Yeah. What are things you want to do? There's some people that go skydiving with their dogs.

Yeah. A lot of people wanted to do a road trip with their dog. Travel the world seems like a big one. Although that would be complicated with like passports and stuff. Oh, 23% would love to treat their pup to a doggy massage and/or paws care. Done it.

That's a great segue into what we're going to talk about next week. Welcome to the pet goals. We've got plenty.

Welcome to the pet goals.

We got fun and games. We got biscuits, bowls of water, everything you need at the pet goals. I'm doing the snake dance, but nobody can see it. You feel the essence of it though.

One of us. One of us.

Some pet parents are so passionate that they take being pet parents to the next level, above and beyond what we do. We're going to discuss all the societies that they have become a part of. That's something you guys can look forward to next week.

Secret societies?

Secret. Yeah.

Skull and bones for dogs.

I was just about to say. Guys, we will talk to you next week.

You know what?

You know what?

Chicken butt.

Chicken butt. We just want to thank Fresh Pet so much again. They love us and we love them. They gave us this opportunity to tell these stories and they're still letting us, and we're not exactly sure why. Thanks again so much to Fresh Pet. Thanks to you guys. We'll talk to you next week.



Miss you.

This podcast was made by Fresh Pet. Real pet food made with all natural ingredients, steamed, cooked without preservatives, and ready to serve fresh from the fridge. To learn more, visit fresh pet.com.

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