Episode 5 – You Named Them WHAT?!

14 Sep 2018 | Written by Freshpet
In Episode 5, Andrea and Kaity unpack all of the coolest, craziest, and cutest dog and cat names that have ever existed. From generic and celebrity names to ‘nonsense’ words and cities, it’s hard to imagine anything that hasn’t been used to name a furry friend.  

Episode Transcript

... and one of them had a cat and it was a lady cat named Sir Buttons-


... Hold on, of Cornwall, the Third.

Welcome to Pet Parents, Oversharing brought to you by Freshpet.



Hi everyone. Welcome to Pet Parents, Oversharing. I'm Andrea Eileen Shapiro.

I'm Kaity Reagle.

We've got a whole lot more content.

You know ...


It keeps coming up, these pet names, and it's time for us to do a deep dive.

Yeah. It needed its own platform. So ...


So need to dive from the platform.

I mean I could talk about the names that I've called Floof Boi for probably 10 minutes straight and we have a ton of people who told us the weird things they call their dogs.

I loved it.

Their cats. My favorite one that keeps popping up is just Little Fat Girl. I'm like, "Wow. Way to quote to my mom." Okay I love you, Mom.

Direct and wouldn't it be awesome it's like when you call like a big guy Tiny and you just see her and she's like literally malnourished and you're like, "That dog needs some Freshpet." I mean ...

One of my favorite ... It starts off like relatively, you know, normal shall we say? It goes, Tobers, Tubsy, then the last one is, Winston Churchill. And I'm like is it because this dog was like, "I will poop on the beaches and I will poop in the streets. I will poop ... We will never stop pooping. We will never surrender pooping."

Honestly, if that dog is not an English Bulldog I'll be so mad.

It needs to be. Absolutely.

A lot of people call their pet, or here's one, Stinkerbell really got me going.

I like Chip the Dip. (singing) Remember that song?


No? Okay. Well anyway.

Do I want to?

Chip the Dip. You just gotta say ... It's almost like Frank the Tank from Old School. You know?

Oh that's cute.

Like Chip the Dip. Then the last one, Mr. Wiggles.

Oh. I call Floof that sometimes.

Is there a Mrs. Wiggles?

There might be a Mr. Wiggles, he's gotten very intimate with Toby, a neighborhood dog lately. No he, Floof Boi, Floofington ...

Oh yes.

Floof Wellington. Little Booty Face when he's being a bad boy.

Oh that's bad? I feel like that's a ...

"Hey, Little Booty Face," I mean I still love him and can't stop smiling at him, so it's you know it's the best I can do.

Mixed messages, but ...

That's what I called him the day he got out of the harness. Mr. Man.

I want to just quick note that one day I was walking this dog, Hudson, lots of dogs named Hudson, do love the name, was very fitting for this dog. He got out of his harness. He's a Bulldog. He's not very fast, luckily. So he got out of his harness. After this we put a safety harness in place, but he did and I threw my body on top of him and flattened him out. Because we were in the middle of the street when it happened and I wish I could have a camera. There's surveillance somewhere of this happening.

I'm sure it was horrifying at the time, but it sounds hilarious. I wish I were there.


But okay so, Mr. Poopy ... No Mr. ...

Little Booty Face.

Little Booty Face. Any other nicknames?

I mean I'm more into like the songs with him. Like (singing).

I like to-

I like to pop him into even the, you know that Gwen Stefani song, Hollaback Girl?

Of course.

(singing) ... And I just like ... And somehow it devolves into me just saying (singing). And then we're all just dancing around to nothing.

Candy's name is Candy obviously, so we sing Candy Girl by New Edition to her. Hey, Candy, (singing).

That's cute.

Yeah so that one. And then of course like (singing).


Or if we're mad we're like (singing). Candy Bandy, definitely one of them. Oh Sink Cat and also Jonas is a big fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia so he goes, (singing) I don't know why. (singing) Anyway, so he sings that. Then we sing Candy Girl. Then we say Tiny Cat, Big Cat, like in comparison to each other. We're like all right cat count, we do that at the end of the night. "Tiny Cat, Big Cat."


Oh always about Mr. Wiggles, is Mr. Wiggles, is he like, "Mr. Wiggles was my father. Please call me Wig." I also, it's like, "Hey, it's Dr. Wiggles, I went to doggy medical school for seven years."

Also we call, then Phoebe's PhoeboLeba. PhoeboLeba. Then BBC, Big Beautiful Cat. Princess Pretty Paw.

Ooh. Oh we do, I do call him The Little Prince-

Oh there you go.

... but not to his face. It's more I have a friend who dog sits when we're out of town or like will take care of him sometimes. She goes, "What should I know about The Little Prince today?" And he is a little prince.


He should have his own planet, and it's on my heart.

Some of these responses, like you can tell that there's just a full evolution of the names.


Like you know you start with one, you end some place very different. So I'm gonna read just like this evolution, this is one person's response. This is one person.

I'm strapped in, let's do it.

Barky McBarkbark. Big Buffalo. Boca. Abby. Pretty Princess Girl. My Puppy Ups Frick and Frack.

Is it for the same dog though?

So Frick and Frack maybe leads me to believe that there are two. But it still felt like a wonderful stream of consciousness.

I do love that. Some other dog names that I love from previous pets that I walked. I know not one, but two Willie Nelsons.


My sister has a Mastiff ...


And she's a girl, girl Willie Nelson.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

I also want to post the picture of Miss Willie Nelson, sometimes she calls her Miss Willie Nelson Mandela, which I don't know if that's necessarily very appropriate. Another name Joe Pesci. It was a ... Oh, what is ... He was part Beagle, part Chihuahua, and then part Pekingese, Pekingese.

And all cute.

And all cute. And his name is Joe Pesci.

Oh that's really sweet.

Elvis. I had a cat recently, very elderly cat that I used to see named Bob Dylan. He passed away. Puddles. Puddles the Cat. There's Runcle.

That's cute.

Runcle was the one, he got something stuck in his butt one day, I don't remember what it was, but I had to help him with that too. It's an occupational hazard.

Do you have a preference, now do you for like ... I feel like there's kinda three categories for names.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

There's like real names, celebrity names, nonsense words.

I like nonsense words and we probably would have named ... And I think we'll probably name the dog a nonsense name.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

The cats kind of already came with names and they felt appropriate. So then we just left it, you know?


But what would be an example for you of one from each of those categories? Can you give me ... yeah.

Nonsense words, Floof Boi.

Floof Boi.

Clearly I'm firmly in that camp. Like Joe Pesci, Elvis, the Bob Dylans, the Willie Nelsons. And then there's just like name names, like Billy, Lucy are like really popular ones.

Hudson is very-

Lately I've seen a lot of Ripleys, including my friend's child named Ripley, which is also a great name because like Alien, it's like yeah, feminist [crosstalk 00:08:33]

I actually wanted to name my daughter Phoebe. And now I can't because I have a cat named Phoebe.

Who says?

Well I guess I could, but I think that daughter would be pissed off if she found out that before she ... Or maybe whilst she exists ... I don't know.

We have a special guest here.

We do.

She's ... She has a fancy job title that is too many words in a row to remember.

It is a lot.

Or write in notes.

Or roll off the tongue and like we want to shoot from the hip.

So she's our personal Freshpet queen.



I'm no such thing.

From the ... From Mount Olympus.

Spoken like true royalty. Humble 'til the end.

The eyes of Aphrodite. The heart of Hera.

I don't think I could like ... I'm not at that level, but okay.

She just reminded us there's a category that I missed. Go on.



Food is its own category. So if there's a Waffles or Eggs or Bacon. Pancakes is a really good dog name.

Oh that is a cute one.

Think about a Corgi named Pancakes.

I have three dogs on here. One is named Pickle.


Porkchop. Porkchop was-

From Doug.


From Doug. The show.

Oh, his name was Porkchop, wasn't he?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

I don't think that this couple named them Porkchop because of that. I think it's just you look at that dog and you're like, "That dog is a Porkchop." He was an English Bulldog.

I've met a lot of dogs that should be called Meatball. And some humans.

Oh my god. You know I was literally ... You just read my mind. Because there was a dog named Dolce that I used to walk and her nickname was Meatball.


She is amazing. And then Pico. Pica as in pico de gallo.

Oh that's cute. Actually one of my favorite like television character dogs is from Brooklyn 99, they have Cheddar.

Cheddar. Okay.

Karina, you've had a couple dogs. You've most gone the human name route. Is that right?

So for me personally I won't go down just like plain human names. It has to be like an old name of the past. Like you don't ... I mean there are Pennys of the world, but I went with Penny and Archie.


Penelope and Archibald. You don't necessarily walk around the street seeing like many Archies, but I love those classic names.

Also in the Jewish religion you can't name anybody anything until the other person ... I'm gonna incorporate death into this again, until someone has died. I like that. Maybe that's why we have-

I hope, no.


Not here, not here.

Maybe that's why we have these resurgence of names is like I'm sure that that's a culture that exists not only in Judaism, but like you know it's like, oh ... Although some names are in human land is passed down ... human land, it exists separately from dog land, let's all be honest. Like it's like Thomas the First, Thomas the Second, you know, like but then some people really adhere to like, "Oh I wanna honor my grandmother, who's already passed." So you know. But so maybe that's why these names become relevant like in the zeitgeist. You know what I mean?


Like because I feel like now I could meet someone named Penny, but I don't think 10 or 15 years ago I could've.


No I agree. I do think when people start to name their dogs after human names it gets really confusing with a family or like with roommates. So in college, this is a funny story. In college I had a roommate who had a cat named Kristin. And my roommate, my other roommate her name was Christine. So I would call my ex and one weekend I was like, "Kristin's in my closet. I don't know how to get her out. She's being really weird."

And he's like, "Is everything okay? Is she drunk? Like what's happening?"

I'm like, "No, no, no. I'm talking about the cat, not my roommate Christine. It's Kristin who's in the closet. She's our cat, I'm gonna get her out."

But yeah, it gets confusing.

Well Christine has been taking dumps in the litter box. So I mean maybe I should bring that up to you.

The worlds are crossing over.

I do have to say my sister had a cat, and she got her in college, her names was Tabitha. And she was a prickly pear. Oh Prickly Pear would be a great name for a dog. Like Prickles or something like that. She was a prickly pear and my mom does not like cats. Like has never liked cats. Which is probably the reason why we never had a cat growing up. But my mom did not call her Tabitha when she would walk in, she would say, "Hello, Newman." Like from Seinfeld.

Just a nemesis.

Just the nemesis.

How do you feel about last names on the dog? Did you give your Penelope and Archibald your last name?

So, Penny had my last name. And then Archie I think had a combination of both of my name and my ex's last name. And I was the most confusing thing when you would go to the vet to pick them up and you're like, "I swear, this is my pet. We just don't have the same last name on the paperwork." And it's like the most awkward thing to go and be like, "I swear." I mean they really are okay about it, but it did have this weird like ownership issue when they didn't have my last name.


But yes, I did attribute last names.

So my fiance, we're not ... I'm not taking his last name like because I have a last name already. I mean I already have headshots and business cards with it. Like it's very on brand for me, this name. But like I think just because I was always paying for it, because I'm a citizen and I'm the one that like, it's easier for me to pay for things here at first that just by like default my last name was always put on.

Mr. Shapiro.

Right. And so I said to him, he's been called Mr. Shapiro. I'm like get ready for a whole lot because if they ... Because I'm changing mine to Mrs. Shapiro. So if that's going to happen then he's going to be called Mr. Shapiro. So I won is basically what I'm saying. I got the cats in my name. I got my name in my name.

It does feel nice, it sounds weird, like I don't know if I'm gonna have children, but it does feel nice to have pets that have my last name. Like to look at their ear medication and be like, oh.

When my gentleman and I got hitched ...


We combine names a lot because of that reason a lot. Like we were like we want our pet or like potential children to have the same last name, but we don't want it to be confusing. And also when we combine our last names we get Reagle, which is I think a cool last name.

I think it's like ... Yeah, really ... I think it's very fitting of all three of you.

So Floof Boi Reagle, he does not have a middle name. It's like Floof Boi ... It's like Emmy Lou, you know?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mary Beth.


That's the first name. There's no middle name.


Floof Boi Reagle.

How do you feel about suffixes?

I feel so good about them. I want them on everyone and everything.

In college my friend lived in this house, of course like a dilapidated house because it was like college, with like eight other people. And one of them had a cat and it was a lady cat named Sir Buttons-


... Hold on. Of Cornwall, the Third. And so whenever you called the cat you had to go, "Sir Buttons. Sir Buttons of Cornwall the Third." You couldn't say that cat's name without saying it in an English accent.

I do wanna add a suffix when I call him Floof Wellington.

Floof Wellington the Third.

Floof Wellington the Third.

It's definitely the Third. It's been ...

Floof Wellington Sr?

Can I tell you about one of my other favorite responses?

Yes, please do.

They just write, "Daisy only answers to Beautiful." I'm like, "Same. Same." Tell everyone, "Kaity only-"

Just like Karina only answers to our Freshpet Queen.

Our personal Freshpet Queen.

Our personal Freshpet Queen. She's like, "Coming."

Can you make new business cards just for us? Thank you.

No business title, just Freshpet Queen.

I think, yeah, it will ... There'll be no contact information. It'll just be all the nicknames we've come up with. The [Empressaria 00:16:46] of Petting the Fresh.

I mean you'll know by the throne room. She'll be the one at the head of the throne room.

Karina of Thrones.

And your crown. Would watch.

Would watch. Would binge. Would absolutely.

For sure.

I'm like pleasantly uncomfortable right now.

Heavy is the head that wears the Freshpet crown. "Sir Buttons, Sir Buttons of Cornwall the Third. Where are you?" Yes, oh Sir Buttons would definitely be on that show.

Oh you know what's a cute name that I really like? I actually know two dogs both named Noodle.

Do they live in the same place?

No, they're ... They do not know each other.

Okay. I thought it was like a George Foreman situation when he named all his kids George.

Wouldn't that be funny?

No they just both happened to go with that name which I get because you get a wiggly little booty dog.

[crosstalk 00:17:42]

I mean Mr. Little Wiggle Butt works for him but Noodle would've been a little more succinct.

There is a dog I used to see named Doodle.

Oh, that's cute.

Doodle was sweet. She was a Beagle and she was just ... She was a delight. Also one of my favorite names, go a little dark, Diablo, El Diablo.


Now El Diablo, let me tell you a little story about El Diablo.


He was a dog that I used to walk. At first we did not get along. He was an older dog. He had never been walked. His mother had never had to have a dog walker come because she worked from home for a very long time. And so then she got a job, she had to leave. And so I was the very ever dog walker he saw. And on our second interaction I was on hold for two hours with the IRS because of an issue so I just was on hold doing my dog walking job. And as IRS was coming on, Diablo is freaking out because like he didn't trust me putting on his leash, that he took a diarrhea dump all over my pants as IRS was answering. It's like, "Hello, how may I help you?" And so I just had to pretend like it wasn't happening.

"El Diablo."

I'm like, "Oh, hi. Yes. So great to talk to you today." And I was like literally holding a dog that was like dripping with diarrhea. So ...

I mean it's like they ... As someone who used to work in customer service, they always tell you, "You never know what the other person's going through. So just imagine that they're getting diarrhea'd on by Diablo."

Speaking of that, I think we spoke about this before too, but their nicknames and stuff like that, there was a video that went viral, I wonder if we'd be able to put it up on our social media, of a woman who is like works in HR, she calls a potential candidate to give her a call back. And she believes she hangs ... Like she leaves a voicemail, she thinks she hangs up. But it turns out she hasn't. And we hear her singing to her dog. And she goes like, "You can come. You can stay here. You can stay all day if you like." And then she sings a song about you're in demand my little care bear. And it is the most precious thing.

Well first she's like, "What are you doing? Are you coming in here?" And it's just like you never now, it could be a good day. It was a good day for that lady. Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out to be her kid though and not her dog? And she's like, "What are you doing?"

It went from cute to like worrisome.


Can we go around the room and ask some people here if they know of any nicknames?


There are other people in this room. James, do you know of any nicknames that you ... names or nicknames that you enjoy of dogs that you've met?

One of my dogs already has the coolest name so he doesn't need a nickname.

What's the dog's name again?

Jeb, but I call him The Jeb.

The Jeb.


I like The Jeb.

He's from North Carolina.

Oh yeah.


Floof Boi loves that.

Floof Boi likes that.

Sorry, if you could hear that, those were his sleep yips. Sorry.

Oh he's not even awake.

I think he woke himself up with them.

Are we done? Is it like a sneeze, you know you do have a few in a row?

I'm so happy we got that.

Thank you guys for that.

Jimmy, let's here your Lucy's names.

Oh yeah, so I have a Golden, or our family has a Golden named Lucy. So Goose, Gooser, those are pretty obvious. However, there is a category of names, dog names specifically, that hasn't been touched on that I love. And that is city names.

Oh yes.


So I've known a couple of Dublins.


Awesome ... Brooklyn's very common. My favorite though, and I've only heard one, Cleveland.


Yeah. That's a really good dog name if you ask me.

Safe and strong.

I like that too.

You know what? Why no Long Island City? Why no Long Island City? What happened? What about you, Matt?

I've heard of a Boston that's a dog name. No other cities.

You've never heard of any other cities?

No other cities for dog names. And then for food, the weirdest one I've ever heard is Pretzel for a dog.

Oh I like that.

That's cute.

And the only other interesting one that I've ever heard is Griffon.

Oh Griffon's a cute name too. Like Gryffindor.

I just wanna say that it was really precious that Jimmy delivered most of that directly to Floof Boi's eyes. He was just like telling Floof Boi a story.

My mom had a dog growing up and she was the youngest of three. She said that her mom made the mistake of letting her older siblings name the dog. And Fatso.

Oh no.

Fatso was born.

Well that's like apparently ... Was it in Sweden? I feel like they were like, "You guys, you get to vote and name a naval ship." And do you know what they named it?

Oh. Wasn't it like Boaty McBoatface?

It's Boaty McBoatface. That's why you don't let the public pick. Although I have been listening to Can I Pet Your Dog? And I think ... Is it Allegra who just got a dog recently? She got like a terrier mix and the ... She let the audience name the dog and the dog's name is Tugboat, which I think is a great dog's name.

That's such a good name.

Oh I like that.

I do like it when it's a little ... yeah, like, it's a little out there.

I've heard about tugboat, like tugboat with cellar door is one of the most like beautiful words. That like gives people good feelings to say and to hear.

Oh. Oh I like that.


It does make you like ... takes you to an innocent time.

Yeah, right.

Before the Industrial Revolution.

But then I also think about myself on a tugboat and like it's disaster. I'm like, whoa, I can't find my center of gravity. And then we're all falling.

Where are my sea-bands? I need my acupuncture pressure points. I just ordered some because I'm getting like motion sick on rides and so I'm like yep, it's time. It's time.

I'm trying to think of any other ... Well ...

Ooh I have a really confusing one too. So my coworker, Steve, he babysat a dog named Yeah. And this came from his friend allowing his children to name the dog too.


So the dog's named Yeah. So the whole time in the office we're like, "Yeah, mm-hmm, yeah." Like just mentioning-

And he's like ...

You don't realize how much you say yeah until it's a dog's name and you're trying to avoid saying that word. But, yeah.

[crosstalk 00:24:32]

On top of that is I always tell people when they're getting a dog is think about yelling that.


Like if you're at the dog park or the dog's out in your neighborhood-

And you're like, "Yeah."

That dog's not coming back.

Or someone was naming their dog Killer. And I was like, "Oh, think about ... " Oh I said, "The dog gets out the front door and runs down the street. And you start yelling Killer, Killer."

It's not good.

Get that killer.

I wanna thank our guests.

Yeah, thanks for ... gentlemen.

Yeah, our guests. Karina, Jimmy, Matt, and also James.

The whole crew.

And as always, Mr. Floof Boi.

"You are welcome for being here today."

If you have anymore fun pet names, share them online, we love them. And we'll keep coming up with new ones forever.

Yeah and always check out all the good stuff that Freshpet has to offer. We're so happy that they support us in our venture. They're raising our voices. Thanks, Freshpet.

They sent us a queen.

They sent us a queen. And also some delicious food that I have eaten. It was meant for me I think really.

We'll be back soon with more chatskies and thanks for listening.

Thanks guys.


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