Episode 6 – Our Favorite Fur Crushes

14 Sep 2018 | Written by Freshpet
It’s 2018, and pets are celebrities. But why do we love following some of these dogs and cats so much? In Episode 6, our hosts chat all about celebrity pets, celebrities’ celebrity pets, and everything that makes us so unapologetically interested in the lives of @marniethedog, @fredtheafghan, and @rosenbergthedog.  

Episode Transcript

That was the first and not last time that I had to accidentally use Floof's fur to soak up spilled Rosé.

Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing, brought to you by Freshpet.



Hey everyone. Welcome to Pet Parents Oversharing. I'm Andrea Elaine Shapiro.

I'm Katie Regal and I'm a Floof boy.

Oh, he's falling asleep again on top of all our paper.

He's somehow managed to cover both of all our notes with his tiny body.

Yes, exactly.

It's very impressive. Where did I hear today with actually one of my favorite topics

I know.

celeb dogs

Previously on episode 4, we kind of touched on it but we were like Oh my god, we got to go even deeper.

Deep dive.

I think the thing that saves me my sanity in this crazy world we live in right now


Is following various animals on social media.


This is how you know it's gotten so big, is that on the Kid's Choice Awards, the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards.

I'm familiar.

They recently gave out an award to best Instagram for Dog, or something like that.

It's good to have goals, now I know what mine are.

I want to find out who won. Can you, do you mind, or actually will you type it up


Will you look up Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award?

I can take

Okay do


Do you need other help with keywords right now or? I love when I'm typing in keywords, I'm like chalk, writing


Jiffpom. What was the category though?

Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Instagram Pet.

Yes. And it came out. They put him on a surfboard and they brought him out.

Oh he really is so cute.

He's so cute.

He looks like he's not real.

I know, can I see a picture?

No, I'm keeping him for myself.


He's mine and I love him and we're here together. Sups jealous.

Let me see. I do feel like, you know who's got a tight Instagram game, is Pomeranians.\


They definitely, because they do look like they are little toy stuffed animals.

I know. Oh, there's one with him, in like a onesie where he is like, looks like he's going in for a hug.

Oh my goodness. He looks like, what is it, Boo? Who is that dog previously that was like, that broke the Internet?

I'm not sure.

I think Boo was the original one.

Boo is like the original


Instagram celebrity. This is our Freshpet queen goddess. Queen Goddess! New title.

Queen Goddess.

Queen Goddess.

Queen Goddess. Yas Queen God.






And you said original was Boo, right?

Yeah, you remember Boo had

Of course

Like the whole puppy cut. I mean not the puppy cut, the teddy bear cut.

Right, very globe-like type of circular hair arrangement, shall we say. Katie is deeply, she's researching as if we're finding a cure for cancer. That's what I feel like is

Actually my face is super serious about it

Yes, you're like I must find. I must get to the bottom of this Pomeranian

Is this him? Aw yeah.

Experience, epidemic

He has that sibling snout too. It's very cute.

Oh, Boo? Aww Boo, you. I love dogs on Instagram, though, and I know we have a few favorites. For instance

You mean aside from Floofboy?

I mean Floof is, of course, the king of my heart as he is for everyone. I know for me personally, some of my favorite ones, I was just discussing this before, is Marnie.

Marnie's the dog if you don't know, she has, I guess, no teeth? Or limited teeth in the tongue, just hangs out the side as if to say, hey world, what's going on out there?

Marnie's similar to Floof, is a shih tzu, and senior rescue dog, 16 years old, and pupper mom, Marnie's mom, adopted her when she was 11 years old so she is

Adopt seniors!

These golden years, look at this, you know?

My favorite thing about (laughs) the favorite thing is because I don't really look at their Instagram profiles when I'm following them. I just enjoy the feed, so it's fun to pull them up and see what the bios are.

Oh, yes.

Like Marnie's is like, part of is, I h8 to party. Hate being alone.


And that was h-8. I'm like, yeah.

Wow, quite the- quite the opposite of Floof.

(laughs) I know.

I just want you to know that Marnie's birthday is the same as my birthday.

(gasps) No way!

October 26.

Happy birthday!

2001. I'm also 16 years old.

Yes, uh huh, lovely.

You just missed my quinceañera last year, everybody.


So I know you're very sad that you missed it.

Child bride, Andrea Shapiro.


I know, yup. Marnie's neck is crooked and her tongue sticks out of her mouth so it's always dry.

Hey, quick question.


Is Marnie's neck crooked or is her spine and the rest of our's crooked?

Right, exactly.

Oh, that's a really deep question.

It's like, are we just colorblind and like are dogs seeing the world correctly or we the ones with the deficit, you know?

Mm-hmm (affirmative), um.

Beauty is in the eye of the 11 year old rescue, okay.


And we all know it.


But there has been this generation of dogs with no teeth with tongues that hang out.


So you were talking about Toast.


Toast Meets World, rest in peace. And then her sister dog, Muppet, who also has the same situation, and there's like a whole plethora of older dogs, past the age of 10, hanging tongues out of their mouth.


We actually have been


Beans? As in Mamrie Hart's dog?



We've actually

This is James

Have someone with a very close celebrity connection here, Karina, Freshpet queen. We're talking before about dog weddings, has been at a celebrity dog wedding.

Yes, I have. I was at Toast and Finn's wedding.

Oh wow.

What's Finn's handle?

But he's big in the dog community and they had a wonderful, wonderful wedding in New York City and I brought my dog and it was fantastic. It was quite the affair.

Where was the wedding?

They did a cake cutting and everything; it was very, very authentic.

My goodness. That's beautiful.

It's going to be more money than my wedding, isn't it?



I think it puts a lot of weddings to shame.

Okay, they described her outfit: "the bride wore a custom gown by [inaudible 00:06:42] which featured delicate tufts of tulle and an elegant [inaudible 00:06:46] work pattern, a sparkling headband and white veil, crowned her [inaudible 00:06:51] trussels of hair, and $139,000 diamond necklace on loan, regally gleamed on her copper neck."

Are you kidding me?

I am not kidding you.

Are we talking about Toast or are we talking about Meghan Markle right now? I mean, oops sorry Floopoo, woke you up.

Both royal weddings.


I want to know some more. Were there bridesmaids? Were there groomsmen?

There were bridesmaids. There were fashion designers that we know, there.


There were a bunch of people walking down the aisle and everyone stood up. It was the most legit thing that I've been to in a while. And I don't go to many weddings at all and it was a lot of fun.

When humans have weddings and their dog is the ring bearer

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Did they have a human ring bearer?



Oh yeah.

I don't know.

And also

I don't remember now. It was a few years ago.

If this was a land of opposites, then instead of having a young flower girl, they need to have like an elderly man



Like a flower man.

So I feel like there's a couple of different categories of celebrity dogs.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

There's ones that are almost so ugly, they're cute.


There's, do you know Tuna?

Oh, let me see. No, I don't know Tuna, will you tell me?

Tuna's the one, the teethy one.

Yeah, well, you were talking about, there's all the dogs with no teeth and Tuna has just ALL the teeth.

Extra. (laughs)

She has the biggest overbite. It's just like, I'm here to smile.

A dog with an overbite, amazing. I do know a dog named Chewie. He has an underbite and it is delightful with his crooked little teeth.


Yes, but so Tuna has a lot of teeth?

So many. I think the handle's like Tuna Melts My Heart.

My heart, yeah.

And she does.


He does. And then there's these other, heartwarming stories.

I just saw a picture of Tuna, sorry.

(laughs) right. I genuinely can't handle dog's reuniting with soldiers and stuff.

Um, sometimes I go into a deep hole of that, because there's so many of those videos out there, when the dog reunites. Also, kids reuniting with their dads too.

Ugh, I know. If I get tear constipated, that's when I


Need a good cry


I just can't get them out.

You were telling us about a celeb dog you know

It's the only celeb dog that I follow on Instagram. It's Fred the Afghan.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


That's a military story.


Can you hit us with it?


Yes, well, his pet parent, Craig, is actually a guy I know from when I was younger.

Hi Craig.

I've saw it on the Dodo, had no idea it was Craig. I was just watching it and it was one of those tear-jerking moments.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

The story of this soldier finding the dog in Afghanistan and then forming this bond and then the soldier is injured and he's shipped out, out of country to recover. And on the bases, if a dog is found, it's killed.


So this dog he's bonded with, he believes is going to be killed on the bases but he's


He can't get back to. And the soldiers left there, came together, and protected the dog so that when he got better and came back to the base, Fred was there waiting for him.

James is crying right now.

That was such

Good tears.

There's tears.

Here is my thing that, why this story, I feel like, pulls at my heartstrings so much. Is that, it's that thing of destiny too, and I know I have said it so many times. When you're in this, you're this right person in this right space in this right thing happens, it was like if he wasn't there, then Fred would be dead, you know what I mean?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And, it was just this chance encounter. There's just these things that have happened in my life that if you know, because of whatever, because of destiny or grace or whatever it is, these things happen, and they take my breath away. They literally take my breath away and in this way I am incredibly cheesy person. I felt that way when I met my fiancé.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

I was like this is not suppose to happen. This thing that happened with Fred is not suppose to happen.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

You're not suppose to get the doggy love of your life in Afghanistan while you are, you know, fighting for your country.

Can we talk about my favorite heat warming?

Is it R-buckle?

It's R-buckle.

Oh my god. I relate to R-buckle more than any other dog I've ever seen.

Oh my gosh.

Oh my goodness. R-buckle, adopted by Jane Lynch and her partner, we believe.

Um, [inaudible 00:11:27]

Is that the story?

I, okay.

Actually he was featured first because he was just in such bad shape. This poor guy, he'd been just fed poorly and not exercised for years. He was, oh my gosh, three times the size he should be.

Of what he's supposed to be? Yes.

He could barely walk and like you could see it in his little face. He was just not happy.

And R-buckle was BIG.

(whispers) so big.

I think he was like 150.

He had hypothyroidism, right too?

Like it was just a lot on his little legs.

Yeah, you can see it was a strain just to roll over.

I love that they put him in t-shirts a bunch. Also, as a bigger lady, I'm like same, R-Buckle, same.


Like at the beach.

I'm just going to wear this to the pool.

I know, I'm like. I want them to put that t-shirt on him where it's the sexy lady in the bikini.

Yeah, well it's fun because they do the pictures, like the before and after with the big pants that don't fit anymore.

Yes. Oh, with the skinny jeans.


Muffin top, relate, also.

(laughs) hey!

This is another instance where it's like somebody being in the right place, in the right time, you know what I mean? And like


That's why I want to rescue because I just like- and I would like to volunteer with rescues too because it's just if we don't do it, then it's not going to happen, you know what I mean? And that also takes my breath away.


Oh my god.

I know you have an Instagram for your pupper.


What is it, do you think about, what's the desire to get an Instagram for your pet baby?

Yeah. Again that's @floofboii. I mean, I think a part of it is, well part of it's being a comic. He does so many little things that crack me up.


And so it's fun to write jokes for him, or from his perspective. The other part of is, honestly, I am a monster and I would show everyone pictures of him and videos of him

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And so this is kind of a fun way to curate them, make them look fun, captions and just share it. And, there is kind of a fun community on Instagram. I didn't realize, I geo tagged our neighborhood, Astoria

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And from that, kind of connected with other dogs in the neighborhood that you know, since he's not too social, we don't necessarily meet, but it's nice to be like hey, we're around the neighborhood, it's comment, like, and stuff.

I mean, I guess I can- I totally understand that. Like one, is the sense of community and it's a way to do it instantaneously, rather than setting up a play date. You're just like oh, that's what this dog is up to.


And, also it's like, I try to think of the reasons I, as a person.

Oh, I should add, sorry.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

I also love attention.

I was literally about to say the same exact thing.

(laughs) go on.

I mean, okay. On a primary level, so I'll tell you my first [inaudible 00:14:23] level. I do like to post things that bring people joy, maybe as inspiring, maybe as like helps me feel connected to other people. And the more on a primary level, I'm like, I'm alive, I'm doing stuff, look at me, you know. And I feel like, like I said before, the world can be a really scary place and I feel like we are so bombarded with so much real hard to swallow content, you know what I mean.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Really hard to fathom and process, and I feel like, what a nice rest bit, is to just go back to this very innocent being because


Dogs don't know what's going on in Argentina, you know what I mean? Like

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Cats aren't aware that there's an earthquake, you know?

Floof doesn't even know what we're even doing right now. (laughs)

No, has no idea.

I think it's just the purest way to show existence, you know what I mean?

Also though, I wanted to talk about Wacha.


Andy Cohen's dog.

Wacha! He hangs out with honestly someone who's done so much for me in my life, Andy Cohen. I just, thank you. So Wacha is Andy Cohen's dog.

It's a beagle.

Wacha's adopted too. He found him on PetFinder.


It's a classic. I mean

It's like match.com. It's like the OG.


Of adopting! I love beagles. I love hounds, specifically. I don't know if you guys, probably know this. It's very common but, I think I also like a beagle. A beagle, a corgi, a pug, a frenchie, maybe even a

I want to live somewhere I can have a St. Bernard.

Oh, yes.


So great.

I want to have Floof with a giant Floof. (laughs)

Yes. But I don't know if you know this about hounds, the reason they make such great hunting dogs but also that they use them for law enforcement purposes, is because they will smell something. They capture, maybe specifically bloodhounds, but they capture the scent in their wrinkle on their forehead.


And then that's how they get the scent of the person on the trail. Which is for hunting, give them a sense of like a doctor or something, you know whatever it is. And then they can go and help you try to find it.

Oh so they're

I find that real interesting.

They're hero dogs, is what you're saying?

So what I'm saying is that they're heroes and they're just the sweetest. I just love beagles, like I just

There goes my hero

There goes

Watch him as he fumbles around

Wait, I'm sorry. There goes my beagle


Watch him

As he goes


I did it.

We've done stand up together.

We've have.

No, me and Floof.

Oh, I thought you meant you and I.

Well, we have but that's not what I was saying.

I was like oh we have, but what does that have to do with this.

No, Floof and I, we did a show for Bark Box.

Bark Box.

Yeah, they did a thing in their headquarters and so we dawned our matching sweaters.


And we went over. It was actually the same time that was the first and not last time that I had to accidentally had to use Floof's fur to soak up spilled rosé.


Because he was on the counter and there were plaques there and then it got there and it was like oh well, bloop bloop bloop.

You're like rosé all day, wipe it up you may. (laughs)

(laughs) and he just had the shocked to the palm look, just like he always does.



You're drunk Floof, go home. (laughs)

Actually at the same show, I reunited with someone I went to college with and he was working there at the time.

Mm-hmm (affirmative)

And now he's doing his own thing, but he has kind of a famous, Instagram dog too.

Oh, who's that?

Do you know Noodle?

Oh, you've told me about Noodle.

The bio, he goes, please enjoy his flaps and folds.


And I will. And he's just a

And I'm like same, for me (laughs).

(laughs). That was my Tinder profile.


Noodle is a pug, just like a big boy and he's adopted and he always post pictures of him just climbing on piles.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

So here he is on a pile of clothes.

Let me see. Oh my god.

And he too, is a boy that appreciates his air conditioning.

Yes, the AC is his god.

I love that. I don't know, maybe we should plan a wedding.

Oh my goodness.

So another dog in particular, so this does happen pretty often. Especially if you watch the movie Best in Show. Rosario Dawson.

I found a picture of Rosario Dawson with Rosenberg the dog and we're going to talk about it in a minute.

What I wanted to mention, again, I want to make another reference to Best in Show, which is one of the best films ever.

And this wouldn't be a pet podcast if we weren't talking about Best in Show at least once.

Exactly. And we've already brought up one of the stars of Best in Show, Jane Lynch.

Oh yeah, perfect connection.

Exactly, who's R-buckle's mama. One of R-buckle's mama's. But in Best in Show, I think that the idea that is so well exhibited is that pets and parents start to look alike and I, when Christopher Guest plays the papa of the bloodhound

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

You're like god, he, the voice he's doing is like a bloodhound, he looks like the bloodhound, and I love that bloodhound in there. And so, in the same vein, Rosenberg the dog, his dad likes to put him in matching outfits and it turns out his mother is a costume designer, so he's got very, his outfit game, I mean

And you want to know what's great?


Even without the outfits, they look alike.

They do.

Like Rosenberg's dad has bushy eyebrows and longish but very well-groomed hair and that's kind of like his dog.

Favorite picture is the one of them in their yamakas. Oh, and this is, I don't know if this is the bio on Instagram but on Facebook, for Rosenberg, this is the description: Rosenberg the dog is an Aussie doodle. First of all, love it. Living in New York City that believes in Judaism. (laughs)

What I saw. Aussie doodle campaigning for world peace.

That's amazing.

You're doing such a great job, Rosenberg!

So is he part shepherd, Aussie shepherd, part um, or is he just from Australia? Okay, because you know there's Australian shepherd plus

I think it's part Australian shepherd part

Poodle and Labrador? I think that that's what it means when you say doodle.

100% cute.

Aw, we have some cute cat Instagram. Oh my gosh, the classic one. I have a friend with a little stuffed animal version and it cracks me up every time.

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat.

Also, Lil Bob. Lil Bob?

Aw, Lil Bob.

Talk about tongue sticking out too. I love- and I love that apparently, Lil Bob did a video with Andrew W.K.

(gasps) aw.

Yeah. So that was one of the [inaudible 00:21:39]. But the original one that I want to also talk about, remember keyboard cat before the days of Instagram? Keyboard cat, rip, but when I call my fiancé, the keyboard cat song plays as my ringtone.

Ugh, beautiful.

So that's how you know we're real serious about each other.


But there is a picture of a corgi in a lobster costume that sometimes Jonas and I will just come up to each other, it's like I have to show you something really important. We'll be very serious and we'll just show each other the picture of the corgi and the lobster costume.


There's also a meme that we're really liking right now. It looks like it's an Australian shepherd and you see him, the camera just focusing in on him, and he's breathing and then all of a sudden, he stops, and he opens his mouth, and just the biggest smile.


He's just like ahh. (laughs)

You know what I wish? I wish that we could have a reunion, a class reunion, for all the cats that were part of [inaudible 00:22:40] cheeseburger memes.


I love those so much.

I, you know, I would like, and if they're gone, we should do a memorial where


Sarah Maboklen has the I will remember you.


Will you, that's what plays during the [inaudible 00:22:59] commercial.

And honestly, I will remember you.

I will.

I'm remembering you right now.

Katie, it's been a pleasure. As always, we want to thank Freshpet who as fresh as these dogs are, Freshpet food is even more fresh.

It's been a really fun bonus episode, and if you like us, go on social, tell us, and we'll come back and hold hands with our voices.

Yes. Love you guys.

Bye. Love you.

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