Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

02 Feb 2015 | Written by Freshpet
We have to admit that while many of us watch it for the sport, a lot of us are in it for the blockbuster commercials. This year's Super Bowl had a handful of winners, but these were our favorite ads. Hint: They all feature furry friends!  

Volkswagen: The Bark Side

Star Wars fans and dog lovers unite! This rendition of the Star Wars theme song is the best yet.   http://youtu.be/uxzlOhWZEZY

Budweiser: #BestBuds

Grab a tissue, Budweiser brings it.   http://youtu.be/xAsjRRMMg_Q  

Doritos: Puppy Dad

All for the cute factor.   http://youtu.be/HiHbKki1ExY  

Mercedes Bend: The Tortoise and The Hare

So. Many. Animals. While there aren't any cats or dogs in this one, we're just fans of all the adorable woodland creatures.   http://youtu.be/LQvdIGeUUvo   What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials? Let us know on Twitter!

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