Five Celebrity Animal-Lovers Doing Great Things Right Now

30 Jul 2018 | Written by Freshpet
We can’t get enough of these amazing celebrities using their influence to better the lives of animals – just take a look at these heartwarming stories.

Kaley Cuoco Uses Her Wedding To Collect Donations For Her Favorite Rescue

For the June 30th wedding of Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco and professional equestrian, Karl Cook, they had one request for their guests; instead of gifts for the newlyweds, they asked them to bring donations for the animals at Paw Works, a rescue based out of Ventura County, California. Paw Works holds a special place in Cuoco’s heart, as she currently sits on their board of directors and has been a longtime supporter. Congratulations to Cuoco and Cook who found a pawsitively perfect way to share the love on their wedding day. From a photo shared on the Paw Works Instagram page, you can see that the wedding guests did not disappoint. Together, they collected nearly a room full of donations for the rescue!  

Lisa Vanderpump Opens An Inspiring New Dog Rescue

TV personality, Lisa Vanderpump, and her husband have opened a dog rescue that they hope will reinvent the way future organizations are operated. Located in Los Angeles, California, Vanderpump Dogs is like a puppy palace. Decorated with chandeliers, coffee tables, and velvet couches, both dogs and potential owners immediately feel at home. With their rescue, the Vanderpumps wanted to create a space that allowed dogs and their perspective owners to get to know each other naturally. They believe that seeing dogs in shelters, especially kill shelters, can be very upsetting to potential owners and the stress of the environment can cause dogs to act out, reducing their chances of being adopted. The rescue also has an on-site groomer, so the dogs can look and feel their best during their time there. There is also an on-site shop and cafe with all proceeds going directly back into supporting the rescue.  

Donations for Kate Spade’s Funeral Will Help Animal Shelters Continue Their Life-Saving Missions

Throughout her life, Kade Spade was known for her love of animals. In honor of this, Spade’s family asked for mourners to make a donation to animal rescues in lieu of flowers for her funeral on June 21st. Two that they suggested were the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) or Wayside Waifs, the largest no-kill shelter in Spade’s hometown of Kansas City. Each of these rescues is known for their commitment to saving lives and educating the public on animal-related issues. Spade was well known to the ASPCA, supporting and advocating for the organization over the years. Both organizations released statements saying that the donations made in her memory will be used towards saving the lives of the countless animals in their care.  

Bosch's Titus Welliver Has A Soft Spot For Rescue Pets

Titus Welliver, the star of Amazon Primes’s police procedural Bosch, has a real soft spot for rescue animals. In a recent interview with PEOPLE he even joked that he “basically lives in an animal shelter.” Currently, he shares his home with a menagerie of rescues, including four dogs, four cats, and six horses. But this love of animals is nothing new for Welliver. In the same interview, he shared a story about the time as a child that he found a wild rat with a broken leg and managed to get it in a box and nurse it back to health. While his current day-to-day work revolves around Bosch, Welliver plans on spending his retirement years focused on animals. He dreams of opening his own rescue farm in Connecticut where wayward animals will experience the kind of love you can only get in a forever home. But for now, he hopes that speaking out about his love of rescue animals will help encourage others to open their own homes to pets in need.  

Ricky Gervais Speaks Up About Animal Testing in the UK

In support of a campaign by Cruelty Free Internal, comedian Ricky Gervais has urged the UK government to ban animal testing on dogs. As part of the campaign, the organization has launched a petition calling for a ban and hopes to get enough signatures for it to be debated in Parliament. Their goal is 100,000 signatures – as petitions with such numbers are traditionally given time for discussion in future parliamentary meetings Currently, the petition has just over 21,000 signatures and needs to reach 100,000 by November 14th, 2018. Gervais is a long-time advocate for the rights of animals, using his stand up comedy and large social media following to bring to light the injustices that animals across the world face. In his most recent Netflix special, Humanity, he even does a bit on animal rights.   These are just a few of the many celebrities that are using their influence to support animals, and we are loving it! You don’t have to be a celebrity to help do good for the animals in your community though. We’ve put together a list of ways you can support your local shelters and rescues – you can check it out here.

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