Fresh Fit Challenge Brings Awareness to Pet Obesity

21 Jan 2015 | Written by Freshpet
“New Year, New You” is a phrase you commonly hear at the start of a new year. But the quest to get healthy can apply to your pets with your help. According to the Association for Pet Obesity, an estimated 52% of US dogs and 57% of cats are either overweight or obese. To help bring awareness to pet health and weight management, we’re excited to announce another year of the Fresh Fit Challenge.   We’re partnering with the Dr. Katy Nelson of The Pet Show with Dr. Katy in Washington, D.C., Kevin Gilliam, professional dog trainer and owner of Frolick Dogs Gym, and BelleHaven Animal Medical Center to host the Fresh Fit Challenge 2015. Three deserving dogs will be chosen to follow a diet and exercise regimen over the course of six months to get in great shape for a healthier and happier life. We’ll be will providing Freshpet food during the process to encourage a fresh and natural diet, while Frolick will be their destination for fitness.   Frolick_01     “I consistently see patients whose health issues could have been avoided if they were at the proper weight,” says Dr. Katy Nelson. “Many life-threatening diseases are caused by obesity and may be prevented with the right combination of fresh food and exercise. We hope the Fresh Fit Challenge brings awareness to this fact and inspires other pet parents to change their pets’ health habits in 2015.”   Frolick_02   Do you think your dog could benefit from the FreshFit Challenge? To be considered, simply upload a video explaining why your pup needs to lose weight to The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson’s Facebook page by this Friday, January 23rd. Please note you must live in the Washington D.C. metro area and be available to attend Frolick Dogs gym weekly and appear with your dog on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson.   Frolick_03   We’re so excited to be involved in the amazing program with Dr. Katy and Frolick Dogs Gym. We hope it inspires you to think of ways you can keep your pets healthy and fit too. Be sure to follow our blog to see progress updates on the Fresh Fit dogs along the way.   Here are some helpful and healthy weight loss tips for your pet from Dr. Katy Nelson:

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David Elliott
20 Sep, 2017 at 05:47 pm
My dog is a rescue dog. She was already heavy but we only feed her 1 cup a day twice a day. We feed her Nutrish by Rachel Ray but she seems be gaining

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