Why Fresh Meats are a Cut Above the Rest

18 Jun 2015 | Written by Freshpet
    For many pet parents, finding a pet food you feel good about feeding can be hard. Between all the ingredients listed and conflicting arguments on which are best, it can be confusing. But one thing I can assure you is that fresh meats make all the difference.     High meat content is important for your dog’s health, but it’s not just about quantity. One of the distinguishing factors in Freshpet is the superior freshness and quality of the meat.     Freshpet uses fresh, all-natural meat in their recipes. At the end of the day, fresh meat is a better nutritional choice than “meat meal” for several reasons:     1) Fresh meat products are never processed or heated before being used in Freshpet’s recipes. That means that the products are as fresh as possible when they get to your pet’s food bowl. In fact, fresh meat must be used within 7 days, whereas meat meal has a much longer shelf life and can keep for approximately 1 year.   001_freshpetselecthomestyle_17587     2) Fresh meat never contains artificial preservatives of any kind. Meat meal manufacturers often use artificial preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT on meat before it reaches the processing plant. Because these ingredients are added before processing, they aren’t always listed on the bag. This means you can’t be sure of what you’re feeding.     3) Fresh meat ingredients must consist of only meat that is inspected and approved by the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). On the other hand, meat meal under the USDA, is legally permitted to contain “4-D” chicken products. This label means that the birds could be diseased, dying, dead, or disabled before processing. Unnamed meat meal is even permitted to contain waste products from restaurants, meat processing facilities and packinghouses. 011_chicken_047 copy   4) Choosing a dog food with fresh meat ensures that your pet is getting only quality cuts of meat that also just taste fresher to our pets!   Aussie Eating Candid043014WC52_061 2     When choosing a pet food brand for your companion, always look for fresh meat as many of the most popular brands on the shelves these days use meat and poultry meals. Freshpet refrigerated foods use high quality fresh poultry in their recipes. This is one of the main reasons it earned a five-star rating from the Dog Food Advisor, and why it’s earned a place in my pet’s bowls  

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