#FreshDance for Wellness by Dr. Katy Nelson

03 Nov 2014 | Written by Freshpet
When Freshpet first came to me with the idea for Fresh Dance, I jumped right on board. Everyday is a dance party at my house between my pets and my kids. And since our pets are already getting their boogy on while anxiously waiting for us to put their bowls of fresh food down, it only makes sense to join them and make a real exercise out of it. That’s why we’re really excited to kick off the #FreshDance Challenge and shine some light on the benefits of being active with our family and pets.     iStock_000004097444Large  

Step Up Your Positivity

Sometimes to get in a good mood, you need to fake it ‘til you make it. As you increase your physical activity, your level of endorphins (known as those happy feelings), also increase. So by choosing to dance with your pet at least once a day, the both of you will be left happier with a more positive outlook on your day. Studies show that doing this in the morning (hello, breakfast) or evening (dinner time!) can leave you with a positive feeling all day or help you drift into blissful sleep.   origin_2494869923

A Daily Exercise

We’ll never deny a reason to mindlessly burn a few calories. By grabbing your pet to shake it up to your favorite song, you’ll be getting lost in an easy workout that will bring up your heart rate in no time.   stanley 1

Bonding Time

With our busy lives, we sometimes forget to stop and share a moment with the ones that matter most. So take a cue from your pet and dance with them around mealtime. Dancing will give you and your pet some fun and undivided attention, which will bring you closer to each other.   FreshDance_ArticleIMG   So give it your best shot and capture your pet’s #FreshDance. You’ll all feel better for it – I know that we do. Enter the #FreshDance Challenge at freshpet.com/dance. If you need a little inspiration for your entry, here's mine:      

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