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22 Apr 2014 | Written by Freshpet
Freshpet values its fans who drive conversation on its Facebook page. From voluntary advice to opinions on pet products, the Freshpet Facebook community shares stories and experiences that help all caring pet parents. With a complete ‘hands off’ strategy, Freshpet believes in transparency where pet parents have the freedom to discuss their pets, comment and tell us how they feel about Freshpet products.   8ICECYV7C7   To give you a taste of what pet parents and their pets say about Freshpet Dog Food products, here are some comments:
  1. Lyn Kochems

“My dogs love this food ! I just happen to see it in the cooler and thought hay lets give them a treat..somethingdifferent..tired of buying the same old stuff and they are probably tired of eating..They each had a scoop in their dish and wow !they ate everything and now when I go in the refrigerator to get their food they are at their dishes tail wagging..allexcited..Just wish more stores carried it so I could find it easier. Wal-mart is not keeping it stocked very well.” Lyn, thank you for giving us a try, and we hope your dogs keep enjoying Freshpet  
  1. Amanda Smith Chase

“Naomi is a very picky eater and we have been struggling to find a food she will eat. We rescued her five months ago and have tried countless options! She has now eaten four meals in a row with Freshpet! She loves it! We are so relieved to no longer be stressed about feeding times!” Thank you for rescuing Naomi, Amanda. It’s always a great to see pets healthy and happy 
  1. Chris Beaird

“I've been feeding Freshpet since 2010, and I love that there are different varieties to try - rolled, kibble, dry, etc. My Wyatt can be a bit picky and he gets tired of the same thing after a while, so I'm able to mix it up for him. This past weekend I bought some Fresh From the Kitchen and I have never seen him go through his breakfast so quickly!” Freshpet always uses the freshest ingredients to make its recipes. Glad Wyatt loves it!
  1. Janet Margaret:

“Don’t ever change the quality of your ingredients, please. It's the first time that my dog (since she was a puppy) can eat something without getting sick... well, the second but I had to change b/c the one I was feeding her changed ingredients so I came across yours and she loves it and does great on it. She has chronic pancreatitis. I've given her everything from the most expensive food to me cooking for her daily, but she's doing so well with yours, even has her spunk back and she's 8 going on 9 J Thanks! And please keep your food as is, and I'll be a loyal customer!!” Rest assured, Janet, Freshpet will never compromise on quality.
  1. Greg Elder

“I normally don't recommend things on Facebook, but if you have a pet you must try this. The dog food and treats are the best I've found. The food is remarkable and the treats are low in Crude Fat. Brodster never misses a meal now days and his poop is the best I've ever seen.. Just saying..Thought I share this product with friends and family.”   It’s good to hear from you, Greg. We appreciate your recommendation.   Freshpet strives to provide healthier meals for pets. By using only the freshest of ingredients, Freshpet creates a wide variety of nutritious meals that are preservative free, and are a healthier alternative to processed foods. Like the satisfied customers above, try Freshpet products out for your pets and see the difference yourself!

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