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22 Mar 2012 | Written by Freshpet
Committed to complete pet care - physical, mental, social and emotional - Petco is firmly grounded in its WholePets™ philosophy. This approach is essential to ensure health and happy pets.   Freshpet and Petco, in addition to having a similar philosophy of pet wellness, also believe in the importance of sharing the experiences of pet parenting. Whether it’s online or in person, pet owners can come together to share their passion for pets and share experiences, reviews, and stories.   5JE3UK74TH   Take a look at what some Petco customers had to say about their Freshpet Dog Food experience:
  1. Beaglelvr from Tennessee

“Great product smells awesome, nothing like dog food. I mix with some of the Vital tube food and my 11 yr old beagle devours it. Loves it...Keep it in stock.....”
  1. @nsobgyn

“My poodle is very picky and I have spoiled her with human food treats. This food was recommended to me and its amazing; my dog now eats all of her food! She is 9 years old and is very healthy. I highly recommend this product.”
  1. Lucinasgirl from Pawtucket, RI

“My 11 year old lab had 10 teeth extracted and was struggling to eat his premium kibble. He wouldn't touch it if we added broth either. I tried Vital and he now wakes me at 5am to feed him and lets me know when it's 6pm by sitting in front of the refrigerator. Although it is a little high-end, knowing that he is able to eat without difficulty and more importantly, enjoy his food, makes it all worthwhile. This food is very high quality and I'll bet it would be suitable for human consumption in an emergency! Thank you Vital for a great product.”
  1. CapeCodLizzy from Cape Cod, MA

“My beagle is very finicky when it comes to his food and treats. I have cycled through 2-3 high end brands with no luck. Most of it got thrown out since it sat in his bowl for days. On a whim I purchased Freshpet since it actually resembled food (crazy concept, I know). NO MORE WASTED FOOD - - he loves it!”
  1. Lionel from Brooklyn, NY

“My 1yr old PUG lovesssssssssss this food and she'll eat it til she is stuffed and a few hours later she acts as if she never ate just a few hours earlier. Most importantly with this food no matter how much u feed; she ONLY poops a little bit 2x a day and it's extra firm and another thing she doesn't have gas as much with this food; WE LOVE IT!!!!”   All Freshpet products are made from carefully selected and locally harvested fruits, vegetables, and meats. We at Freshpet are committed to providing all pets a healthy, nutritious, and delicious alternative to over-processed foods.

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22 Aug, 2017 at 01:13 pm
I started feeding my 8 year old Pug Freshpet, he likes it which is great because he is very picky, but now he is extremely gassy. Right now I bought the smaller chicken loaf. Figured I would try it as an alternative now and then if he liked it, I do use "Dave's Soda Pet Store" brand now, which he also likes and is not gassy. But need to do my homework on prices also.

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