Freshpet in an Unexpected Place

22 Aug 2012 | Written by Freshpet
 We all know the origin of household dogs began with the domestication of the wolf, so it makes sense they prefer eating fresh food and treats. But we were pleasantly surprised to find out during a recent trip to the preserve that the wolves there have been enjoying Freshpet treats. This week’s blog post comes from Mike at PCG Digital Marketing. I recently went to the Lakota Wolf Preserve, a really incredible place here in New Jersey, where wolves that have been rescued are given a second chance at life. You can learn more about the preserve, here: But they take very good care of the animals. They're all given plenty of space, they're well fed and, just like your dogs at home, they're rewarded for good behavior. When the owner leads tour groups through the wolf enclosures, he will throw them treats for coming up close to the fence and for doing tricks like howling. Which treats? These: How cool is it that wolves and your Pomeranian both love Sweet Potato Chews?

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