A Thank You to the "Letters" Cast

12 Sep 2014 | Written by Freshpet

Every letter we receive from pet parents matters to us. They make us proud to do what we do, and inspire us to continue to bring the power of fresh food to pets each day.  We’re so grateful to all of our pet parents, and so we want to say “Thank You” as much as we can.

We wanted to share a big thank you to the amazing pets and pet parents who took time out of their busy lives to share their stories with us on camera. "Letters" is about them, their pets, and the dedication they all share to keeping their pets happy and healthy.

We've already surprised them with a trip to NYC and a day of filming, but we think the cast deserves a bit more. So, our Letter pets are getting a four month supply of Freshpet and for their parents, a special coffee table book to commemorate the entire experience.

We really can't thank them enough.


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