Gifts Your Pets Will Swoon Over For Valentine's Day

06 Feb 2018 | Written by Freshpet
Valentine’s Day is all about letting those in your life know how much you love them, two and four legged alike. As many of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are not pet-friendly, we’ve come up with a list of alternative ways you can show your pet the place they hold in your heart.    

Less chocolate, more bacon

Chocolate may be out of the question, but there are plenty of other tasty treats you can spoil your pet with. Our Turkey Bacon treats are 100% real bacon smoked to perfection and loved by even the most finicky eaters. Great for either an after-dinner treat, snack for when you’re out, or reward for good behavior, we have a feeling your dog will go crazy for them on Valentine’s Day and beyond.  

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Cook dinner for two

No Valentine’s Day is complete without a special meal for you and your pet to enjoy. While you may not be able to share the entire meal, there are a number of delicious ingredients that you can both enjoy. Fruits, vegetables, and grains make for healthy and fun additions to your pet’s favorite Freshpet rolls, bagged meals, or stews, and can be used to create an equally tasty dish for yourself.    

Plan a special trip out

Is there any better way to show your pet you love them than with a special day out? Whether it is a romp around the dog park, a trip to their favorite hiking trail, or even just a car ride, it’s the perfect way to spend some quality time with your pet doing what they love.   Time away from the routine of home isn’t a gift indoor pets have to miss out on either. You can adventure around your backyard or create a fun-filled room in your house for them to explore.  

Give them a day at the spa

When it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of pampering. Treat your pet to a day at the groomers for a nice bath, haircut, and nail trim, or simply give them a full body massage and brushing in the comfort of your own home – both of which could be topped off with a fancy new bandana.  

Spread the love

Get in the spirit of the holiday by teaming up with your pet to spread some love to other animals in your community. A great way to do so is by spending some quality time with your pet collecting donations for the shelter or rescue they were adopted from, or one in your local community. If you’re not sure what to collect, just take a look at the needed items list that many shelters and rescues share online.   The great thing about any of these gifts is that they don’t just have to be limited to Valentine’s Day. While they may be special for February 14th, there’s no reason not keep spreading the love the other 364 days of the year.  

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