Grain-Free Pet Food: An Alternative For Dogs With Food Allergies

23 Apr 2012 | Written by Freshpet
Grain-free dog and cat foods are slowly becoming a favorite for those who wish to feed their pets a more ancestral diet and for those who want to minimize the risk of food allergies. Grains can cause some canine allergies, and this can make it very difficult for a dog to digest. Here are some common symptoms of dog allergies to grains:

Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs

We recommend that you see a veterinarian immediately should your dog display any of these symptoms. Food allergies can be treated once your dog has been tested and you have found what is the root of the problem. Wheat and corn often do cause allergies in animals, so it is best to avoid these ingredients in your dog's food. Since some of the more common food allergies are due to grains, we created our grain-free line Freshpet Vital for dogs and cats, which has recipes that contain 80% or more animal protein and 10% fruits and vegetables. Vital recipes provide a grain-free alternative that can benefit pets with coat and skin problems.

Is a Grain-Free Diet Right For Your Pet?

Although feeding a grain-free pet food to your cat or dog is a healthy option, it is not necessarily better. Feeding your pet an all-natural, fresh diet from the start should have them healthy throughout the course of their life.

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