How To Guide: Feeding & Storing Freshpet

23 Jan 2014 | Written by Freshpet
One of the great things about Freshpet recipes is that they're all-natural meals that are easy prepare and serve, taking the hassle out of cooking for your dog or cat.   Just reach into the fridge, grab your Freshpet roll, resealable meal or stew and dish it out to your pet within minutes. But while it's easy to do this, we know pet parents out there have adopted many different styles and techniques for serving these delicious meals!   With Freshpet being such a different kind of food for your four-legged family members, we get loads of questions on the best ways to feed and store our recipes. Over the years, we've found a few methods we love, all of which we'll share with you below! For those Freshpet pro's out there, this may not be any new news. But for new Freshpet parents, hopefully this helps make feeding Freshpet to your pet even easier.    

Serving Freshpet's Slice and Serve Rolls:

  Pets everywhere love their Freshpet Slice and Serve rolls! Made with real, 100% farm raised meats and fresh veggies, it's a crowd favorite. There's a really easy way to cut the rolls that we like to think we've perfected over the years.   Start by poking a hole in the top of the Slice and Serve roll, which in this case is our Freshpet Select Tender Chicken roll. This helps to make it easier to begin slicing. Using the hashmarks on the Freshpet roll packaging, slice off the appropriate amount for your pup based on the recipe's Feeding Guidelines. Once you've got the correct number of slices for your pup's meal, cut into small chunks, drop into the bowl and voila - ready to serve. Also consider that our rolls are fully "customizable," meaning you can slice, dice or mash it to your pet's desired size (great for making tiny bite-sizes for smaller breeds). You can also mix it with other foods too if you'd like!      

Storing Freshpet's Slice and Serve Rolls:


There are a few different ways to store our Slice and Serve rolls that we typically recommend to pet parents. Each is easy to do and safe to store, so it's really more a matter of preference. Our preferred method for serving pup's their favorite Freshpet roll is to pre-cut all of the slices and store in a Ziploc bag.     Another great way to store our Slice and Serve rolls is to cap or seal the open end of the roll after a meal. In this case, we used some plastic wrap to keep the air out and to preserve freshness. After serving a meal to your pup, simply cut off a piece of plastic wrap, stretch over the open end and tie with a rubber band. There's no need to then place it in a Ziploc bag (although you definitely can!) as it should be safe in the fridge as long as you've sealed it tightly.    

Serving and Storing Freshpet's Meals for Dogs & Cats:     Whether it's your kitty's favorite Freshpet Select Roasted Meals, your pup's Vital Complete Meals, or one of our Nature's Fresh Whole Meals, serving this to your fur-kid at mealtime is a synch!   Using a dry measuring cup, pour the appropriate amount of our meals for your pet. This may take a few different cups full of morsels, but pour according  to the Feeding Guidelines that you can find on our packaging. After you've said "bon appetit" to your pet simply re-seal the bag, place back in the fridge and you're all set until the next mealtime!  

Some things to keep in mind...

  Do you have a way of serving or storing your pet's favorite Freshpet recipe that we didn't list above? Tell us in the comments below.

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barbara hafner
21 Mar, 2017 at 02:07 pm
my dog loves this. He has a very sensitive stomach. i wanted to know how long it last in the frig also?
mary swaidner
29 Feb, 2020 at 02:07 am
i have four dogs 1 small 3 med. they love this chicken freshpet spending more dollars but they love it lick the bowls clean. so worth the price. i am 82 and have had dogs all my life, but never have seen tails wag so fast with this food. keep up the good work

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