Dr. Aziza's Ultimate Guide to Dog Poop

28 Jul 2022 | Written by Freshpet

Let’s face it, poop is gross. Although there is nothing appealing about feces, as a pet owner it is important to keep an eye on your dog’s poop since it can often be a stinky clue to your dog’s health. To help you know what to look out for, and whether it’s time to call the vet, I’ve put together the ultimate guide to dog poop.

The food they eat plays a huge role in your dog’s digestive health. If you regularly notice that something seems “off” in any of these five categories, it might be a sign that you need to reassess their diet. Making the switch to a fresh diet, like Freshpet, is a great option as one of the biggest changes pet parents notice is an improvement in their pet’s digestion. This is because every recipe uses fresh, nutritious ingredients – like fiber-rich spinach and green beans – which are naturally easy on your dog’s digestive system and help keep them ‘regular’.

Young border collie dog on a leash in park, close up

Now that you know five key things to look for in your dog’s poop – what to expect when making the switch to fresh food – you can use every potty time as a way to play an active role in your pup’s preventative health care. For more tips from Dr. Aziza on how to know it’s time to book a vet appointment, check out this article.

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