Helping Pets Cope with the Back to School Blues

29 Aug 2014 | Written by Freshpet
As summer comes to an end, back to school preparation is on many of our minds. But while we return to busy lives after a relaxing break, our pets also have to adjust to a more frequently empty home.  The transition can be difficult for dogs and cats who have grown used to more attention and hustle and bustle around the house. Here are some tips to help ease the back to school transition.   Ease into the transition Sudden schedule changes can be really confusing to pets, just as they can be tough for us. So pets that are used to mid-day walks or playtime may have trouble adjusting to a change in their routine. Take some time to plan for the schedule change and adjust your routine before kids return to school and you’re back to work. And if you’re able, try to stop home a few times in the first week or so to help soothe pets’ worry.   Make time for play As you’re adjusting back into your own schedule, consider dedicating 20 minutes a day toward playing with your pet or helping him or her get some extra exercise. Freshpet parent Katie loves to start the day with a long walk with her German Shepard Carlton, a new routine they’ve established together since she and her boyfriend returned to working longer hours.   Create a positive association with leaving in the morning Time to head to work or school can be the hardest part of the day for pets and pet parents. Seeing that look of sadness can just make you not want to leave. Instead of making this a sad time, turn this into an opportunity for treating your pet. By giving him a healthy treat each day before you leave, he’ll begin to associate time to go with time for treat. Our Dog Joy Sweet Potato Treats are a delicious and healthy option- just break off a small piece, and off you go!   We wish you all a wonderful last few days of summer and a smooth transition into the fall.

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