Herbie's Story

06 May 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Every week we share an inspiring Tail of Good from the pet community. But this week we thought it would be better shared straight from the source of our story.   When pet parent Sara adopted her chihuahua Herbie and discovered health issues brought on by his past she realized that she would have to make an effort to nurse him to better health. She found that simple food, patience and love was all he needed.   Here's their story.   Herbie came to us by way of our local shelter, the Kanawha Charleston Animal Shelter. He was so thin it was very painful to see. He is a 15 year-old Chihuahua someone found in a ditch. It was horribly cold so he couldn’t have been there long or he could never have survived being out for very long.   Not only was he old, but he has limited vision and hearing, has joint degeneration, no teeth and no bottom jaw due to lack of proper care. Needless to say, eating is difficult for him, but we make it work.   We were feeding him canned food that our vet provided but it just wasn’t helping him gain weight or put things "back on schedule." So my great friend Laura Harms (who is a people nurse but should be a doctor) told me about Freshpet and we’ve been using it ever since! It has made such a big difference!  He’s gained half a pound – which is significant for a dog his size – and he is now more predictable when we go out to potty. Not only that but when he first came home with us to foster, he was incontinent. That has vanished as well (excluding the occasional accidents he has).   Herbie1[1]   It’s amazing what a great diet and some tender loving care can do!  Thank you for helping us help Herbie. Herbie now has three sisters – Anne, Millie and Doodlebug – all rescues, two who came to us so traumatized it took a year for each to recover. All have enriched our lives more than words can convey.   Sincerely, Sara   We loved hearing Herbie and Sara's story so much, and we were inspired by her diligence to give Herbie what he needed to get stronger. Freshpet is sending Herbie and his new furry siblings a gift pack of Freshpet goodies to continue their journey!   [caption id="attachment_102763" align="aligncenter" width="600"]allfour Herbie and his new siblings.[/caption]     ToG_button[1]

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