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11 Oct 2012 | Written by Freshpet

If you’re one of the many pet parents who feed their pets Freshpet foods, we’d love to read about your experiences in our "Freshpet Reviews" page. Your reviews can provide us with invaluable insight on how to keep making the best meals possible for your pets!

Whether you’d like to share your family’s Freshpet story, give feedback on our foods, or even share a suggestion for improvement, you can give us your review by following a few simple steps.

Your review will be posted in a few days. In the meantime, you can always write another review.

Here is an image of what your review will look like once it is published.


You can go to the published reviews section by going to the 'Our Foods' menu selection on the home page and clicking on 'Our Reviews'.


Your stories and feedback encourage us to do strive to make even better food and treats for dogs and cats. At Freshpet, we love hearing how our food has made a positive difference in pets’ lives. We look forward to hearing about your experiences with Fresh pet!

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