Introducing Tails of Good

13 Jun 2014 | Written by Freshpet
In this weekly series, Freshpet will share a story that has inspired us in the pet community. As part of the story, Freshpet will either “give good” by helping deserving pets and pet families, or “spread good” by thanking those who already go above and beyond.
One of our friends Chelsea has taken on a wonderful responsibility: fostering shelter cats before their adoption. As a cat lover, Chelsea is only too happy to bring these kitties into her apartment.   This past week, Chelsea welcomed a new visitor to her home: Hector. A former “bodega cat," Hector lived in an New York City deli for five years before he was put up for adoption. When he got to Chelsea’s house, he was acting a bit shy—staying in her bathtub or under her bed. He would only come out to eat his food in the middle of the night. It was clear he was feeling a little homesick.   To make things a little more comfortable for Hector, last week we brought him a nice soft bed to sleep on, and a bag of our Freshpet Vital Chicken, Ocean Whitefish and Egg cat food recipe.   And we’re so happy to say that as of yesterday, Chelsea spotted Hector sleeping on his new bed with his plate licked clean. He’s even spending some time on Chelsea’s lap, where he’s finally feeling right at home.   If you know of a pet or family member who deserves a Tail of Good, we want to hear from you! Email us at [email protected], or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. ToG_button[1]

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