It's Easy When You Love What You Sell

30 Apr 2012 | Written by Freshpet
[caption id="attachment_39427" align="alignleft" width="200"]Hudson eats fresh pet food, Freshpet Dog Joy Fresh Bones Freshpet pup Hudson enjoying a Dog Joy Fresh Bone.[/caption] This week’s blog post is written by Justin, Freshpet Sales: I am lucky to have the easiest job at Freshpet...Sales. Don’t tell my boss, but most of the hard-sell is done every day by thousands of dogs across the country. My dog, Hudson, loves Freshpet. Every once and awhile when he doesn’t get it for dinner, he gives me a look that speaks a thousand words. He’s too sweet to pout for long, but he makes his point and next time he gets his favorite. Hudson loves to chase, catch, and eat lizards in the back yard. He could hunt them from sun up to sun down if I would stand out there with him. Sometimes I need a break from all the hunting, and Hudson needs something to do. I have tried many bones, but I like Freshpet’s best because they are all natural and don’t have any of the usual fillers like corn, wheat, soy, or cellulose. Working for a company that makes healthy products that my dog craves so much makes me feel great about my job!

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