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24 Jan 2012 | Written by Freshpet
[caption id="attachment_38710" align="alignright" width="300"] Natalie Myers, Freshpet R&D Associate[/caption] This week’s blog post is written by Natalie Myers, Freshpet R&D Associate: If you would have known me back when I was a child, working for a pet food company would be the last job you would have guessed I would have someday. I was PETRIFIED of dogs; it didn’t matter the size or type. Growing slightly older, my fears have since subsided and now I really enjoy spending time with our furry friends. Previous to my days here at Freshpet, I received my undergraduate degree in Food Science. In high school, I was more of a science nerd than anything else and I LOVE to eat, so I figured Food Science was the perfect route for me. Why wouldn’t I want to spend all day researching and developing new food products to eat? (while of course, making sure the quality is perfectly up to standard). Little did I know when I started into the food world, that I would one day end up here, at a pet food company. After all, our pets have to eat too, right? And now, my job is to make sure their food is nutritious and delicious while being made with high quality ingredients so everyone remains happy and healthy. Our technical team here in Quakertown, PA, where we make our fresh foods, does extensive research and testing before, during and after production on everything from the raw ingredients, to the equipment and of the course the finished product. Even though the product looks and smells good to us, we have to make sure pets enjoy our foods as well. It’s an exciting job creating fresh ideas for food and treats to keep your pets coming back to the fridge, so stay tuned for our new products!

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