From Life Threatening Hernia, to a Happy Kitten Awaiting Adoption

02 Jul 2015 | Written by Freshpet
When we got in contact with Adriana Meucci, a volunteer at Caring About The Strays (C.A.T.S.) in Westwood, NJ, and saw this photo of Penelope, we immediately fell for her and knew we wanted to help.   Penelope was surrendered to C.A.T.S this past Spring and was put into a foster home. She was sweet but also very tiny. After medical evaluation, it was confirmed she had a large inguinal hernia. This can be caused by incomplete closure of an umbilical ring after birth. It was the size of a golf ball, and with her small frame, it was causing her pain while crawling around, jumping or playing.   4465370_1430862013.4258   Because of the large size of the hernia, there was high risk that it would cause intestines or other tissues to get trapped and strangled around the hernia which in many cases can cause death. They decided they couldn't wait to have the hernia repaired during her spay surgery taking place later in the year.   Like with all medical procedures done to animals while under foster care, the shelter or rescue covers the cost. Hernias and other ailments are common issues when it comes to rescuing cats or dogs, and the cost of caring for all of these loving animals adds up. C.A.T.S. funds these veterinary visits through donations.   Freshpet has made a donation to cover the cost of Penelope's vet bills and we hope her story inspires you to play a part too! A donation big or small will make a difference. Your donation can help to treat and care for cats like Penelope at Caring For The Strays.   We're happy to say that after her surgery, Penelope is now healthy, thriving and looking for a home. She's a fluffy and happy girl that is great with other cats. We ask that you share her story so we can help her to find her new family and to help her fellow fosters at C.A.T.S. get the help they need.   4465370_1430862958.275_funddescription     If you're interested in learning more about the cats up for adoption at Caring About The Strays visit   11392997_739821482794949_6481399133377280759_n 11535790_738506066259824_4174851427290357890_n   ToG_button[1]

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