All Because of a Little Love and Freshpet

13 Nov 2014 | Written by Freshpet
When Trinity found Samson about a month ago he was wounded, hungry and alone. He was hiding under a neighbors van with bite wounds and scars all over his body. Naturally, Trinity was compelled to help this homeless boy.   For three days Trinity slowly began to gain his trust by giving him company and feeding him food. When animal control finally showed up, they felt that it would be best to put him down, as he was badly wounded without any identification. Trinity decided right then and there that she would take him in.   “Animal control told me if I could get him to come to me, they would let me keep him,” explains Trinity. She ran home and grabbed a bag of Freshpet to comfort him as she had those days before. She managed to slowly get him out from under the car and to her house, which he now calls home. “All because of a little love and some Freshpet,” she says.   Samson is now thriving in South Florida and beginning to heal. He is stronger, and looks happier and healthier. Trinity attributes Samson’s rescue in part to having Freshpet in her kitchen, a meal he began to love when they met. “Honestly, having Freshpet in my fridge saved his life,” she writes. But we’re convinced that Samson is alive today because of a woman’s selfless heart and love for dogs. ToG_button[1]

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