For the Love of Grain Free!

22 Jul 2015 | Written by Freshpet

Grain free foods are a great pairing for dogs or cats with food sensitivities and allergies, or for pet parents who want to feed a more ancestral diet to their pets. Some benefits you may see in your pet are less shedding, healthier coats, more energy, and fewer allergies.


Here are just some of the grain free options we have to offer your pets. But you can discover all of our delicious recipes here.


Freshpet Select Grain Free Chicken Recipe for Dogs


Fresh Baked Grain Free Chicken Recipe for Dogs


Vital Grain Free Beef & Bison Recipe for Dogs


Vital Grain Free Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg Recipe for Dogs

Vital GF Meal

Vital Raw Beef Recipe for Dogs


Vital Grain Free Chicken & Ocean Whitefish Recipe for Cats

FP_Vital_Meal_Cat     Have you tried any of these recipes yet? Let us know which are your favorite on Facebook or Twitter.
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