Meet Freshpet’s Newest Customers!

03 Jun 2014 | Written by Freshpet
One of the best parts of working here at Freshpet is how often we get to give food to rescue pups and kitties all over the country. One of our favorite places is the Hopatcong Pound Project, right here in New Jersey. This past week, we were delighted to receive the following email in our inbox:   “Thank you for the donation and thanks to Freshpet! A pregnant mom was rescued from being put down and was able to give birth! The babies will be going to good homes.  Thanks for the feeding frenzy!”   We get all kinds of wonderful thank you notes from the shelters we donate to, and it never gets old. But as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.   vital product customers   Needless to say, the email brightened up all of our days. Making pups everywhere as happy as these cuties are is exactly why we come into work every single day. It's inspiring to see such resilience and pure joy on the faces of our newest "customers!"   We’re so happy to get these pups started on the right track with our Vital recipes. Giving fresh starts to dogs and cats of all kinds is something that we’d like to strive to do for all the pets in our families.

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