"Meet me at the Meow Parlour"

09 Feb 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Sometimes all you want is face time with some cute animals. Enter the Meow Parlour located in Chinatown in New York City. When we first heard of a little cafe that let you relax and play with cats, first we thought "Wait - Katy Perry would LOVE this," followed by, "We've got to go."       So we set out to go meet Christina Ha, the co-founder of the Meow Parlour and pastry chef at Macaron Parlour.  She and her partner Emilie Legrande had visited a cat cafe in Tokyo and wanted to bring that calm environment where you could hang out with cats back to New York. But they never thought the day would actually come.   MeowParlour_01 [caption id="attachment_101302" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Owners Christina Ha (left) and Emilie Lagrand (right). Owners Christina Ha (left) and Emilie Legrand (right).[/caption]   Walking about the Meow Parlour, you'll find quirky cat art, unique modern furniture including clear glass tables that a cat can sleep inside, and a huge structured wall where cats can play, hide and relax. It's a cat's dream, but the special part about this cafe, is that all the cats are adoptable and looking for a place to call home.   MeowParlour_04 MeowParlour_05   The Parlour has partnered with Kitty Kind, an NYC rescue, to showcase their adoptables as well as host dates for cats to meet their future families. "Sometimes cats have a hard time in cages where they meet people for the first time in shelters," Christina explains, "but they really get to shine here." It's a freeing environment for the cats to show off their amazing personalities, making those first adoption meetings more transparent.   [caption id="attachment_101333" align="aligncenter" width="600"]MeowParlour_03 Reading about all the cats up for adoption at Kitty Kind.[/caption]   The Meow Parlour is more about cat lovers being able to chat with one another and find a pet to call their own than it is about pastries. We wanted to thank them for creating a unique experience for adoptable cats. So we surprised them with a basket full of our favorite cat recipes including our new Freshpet Select Cat Chicken & Beef Roll (currently only in select retailers) to share with all of the Meow Parlour cats.   MeowParlour_07   If you're interested in visiting and finding a cat of your own visit MeowParlour.com, or go to KittyKind.org to see all the loving cats who need a home.       ToG_button[1]   anigif_enhanced-buzz-19072-1422656079-13  

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