New K9 Unit Trucks for the Colonial Regional PD

03 Jun 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Bo and Eyra are K9s at the Colonial Regional Police Department, and they will soon have new K9 unit trucks to call their own. We are thrilled to announce that our donation to the Colonial Regional PD, our neighborhood Police Department in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, will provide new trucks fully equipped to carry them during shifts and keep them safe.   [caption id="attachment_105963" align="aligncenter" width="700"]IMG_0610 The Colonial Regional K9 Unit and Freshpet CEO, Richard Thompson.[/caption]   These new trucks will have features that will keep the dogs safe and able to do their job protecting the community. A heat sensor will alert the dog's partner if the back seat is too hot. If no action is taken, the car will adjust it's temperature and roll down the windows if necessary. The custom build inside the car is strong enough keep the dog unharmed in the event of a car accident. The car will also have an unlock feature that the police officer can trigger if they are away from the car but need the assistance of their K9. The doors will open, and previous training techniques allow the dog to find their partner and assist them if a crime is under way.   [caption id="attachment_105964" align="aligncenter" width="450"]IMG_0618 The current build inside the K9 trucks. The new trucks will have better ventilation and center door to allow the dog to get to the front seat easier.[/caption]   Freshpet has also set up the team with their own fridge full of Freshpet food and treats that will be continually restocked.   [caption id="attachment_105976" align="aligncenter" width="700"]S_T_150603_ToG_BethlehemK9[1] Eyra with her partner Officer Henderson on the left, and Bo on the right.[/caption]    We just can't wait to see how the custom build inside their new trucks turn out. It's heartwarming to know that we're playing a part in keeping our K9 friends safe, but also our Bethlehem community with this special donation.   ToG_button[1]  

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