New Meals Inspired by Nature

02 Sep 2011 | Written by Freshpet
Vital Complete Meals for Dogs and Cats Introducing, Vital Complete Meals for Dogs and Cats.  The same grain-free, protein-rich food you love is now available in a new bite-size format. Similar to ancestral diets, Vital Complete Meals for Dogs and Cats are meat-based recipes that contain at least 80% high-quality proteins and 10% fruits and vegetables for well-balanced nutrition.  The tender morsels are made from multi-protein sources such as fresh chicken, beef, salmon and eggs.  In Vital Complete Meals for Dogs, we mix the morsels with pieces of real shredded chicken breast and dried cranberries and spinach for anti-oxidant support.  In Vital Complete Meals for Cats, we add in vitamin-rich carrots and spinach.  Like all Freshpet foods, Vital Complete Meals never contain corn, wheat, rendered meals or artificial preservatives. How do I know if Vital is right for me?  Vital is the right choice if you are interested in the benefits of a protein-rich diet (improved digestion and increased energy) or if your pet has sensitivities to grains.  Vital is also a safe and convenient alternative to raw feeding and home cooking regimens. You can find Vital Complete Meals in the refrigerator at your neighborhood pet store, Petco or PetSmart.  If you have a question about Vital Complete Meals, or just want to let us know how your pet likes them, leave us a comment.

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