Our Favorite Pet-friendly Halloween Costumes

31 Oct 2012 | Written by Freshpet
Happy Howl-o-ween! We have been seeing a lot of fun, pet-friendly Halloween costumes this year, and the more we see, the more we LOVE. It’s not too late to get a costume for this Wednesday. Here are a few fresh ideas in the final days before Halloween – luckily, there are even some great deals out there! We hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween with your family this year!   Dogs  One of our favorite costume trends this year is dressing your dog as a character. We just love the little arms. Here are a few very cute ones!   Another popular choice: Dress your pooch as a different, charming animal. [caption id="attachment_42416" align="alignleft" width="680"] Mooooo-ch (Available at PetSmart), Dog-o-saurus (Available at Target), Giddy up Cow-Pup! (Available at Target)[/caption]           And of course.. a personal favorite here at Freshpet – Bacon! [caption id="attachment_42417" align="alignleft" width="680"] Crazy for Bacon! (Available at Target)[/caption]     Cats   While there are a lot more dog costumes readily available out there for purchase, we found some great costumes for the cats in your family. Or, try out some of the smaller dog costumes on your kitty – often these will work just as well for our feline friends.   Here are a few costume ideas that will be sure to get your cat in the Halloween spirit while still giving him the mobility most curious cats need!   [caption id="attachment_42419" align="alignleft" width="680"] Devilish Kitty (Available on Etsy.com), Cats by the Sea (Available at Petco), LOL Cat (Available on Etsy.com)[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_42420" align="alignleft" width="680"] Kitty West (Available on Etsy.com), Kitty See, Kitty Do (Available on Etsy.com), BATCAT! (Courtesy of Freshpet Fan Harley)[/caption]              

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