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“Wait, you actually ATE DOG FOOD?!”

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I remember vividly the first time I heard that employees at Freshpet have eaten our food. It was nearly three years ago, and I was freshly (pun intended) on the job. At the time, I couldn’t imagine ever eating the food; though I knew that Freshpet was different, I had a lot to learn about our food and about other dog foods. On that day,…



Brands Made in the USA That We Love

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There’s something particularly patriotic about summer for us. It may be American holidays like Fourth of July or it could be that we’ve been crushing on these awesome pet brands that make their products right here in the USA, just like Freshpet!   Wagwear If you want your pet products to have a nod to a classic simplistic style, look to NYC’s Wagwear. They launched in 1998…




“Then I fed him Freshpet.”

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