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“Allergic to Everything, Jake” Finds Something He Can Finally Enjoy

Tails of Good

Jake had been at the Southwest Washington Humane Society for just over two months before his now owner, Rachel, came to visit him. “He was a little skinny but looked pretty heathy otherwise. He was the sweetest dog there and when I saw him, I knew he was coming home with me,” says Rachel.   Jake seemed to always be itchy, but after a month, the scratching became critically…



Get Your Dog Beach-Ready

Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

After a long, harsh winter, summer is finally here! Just like kids who are excited about getting out of school and looking forward to the warm weather ahead, our four-legged friends want to spend some more quality time with us and what could be better than a day at a pet-friendly beach!   As with children, we’ll want to pack up everything that our dog will…




“Then I fed him Freshpet.”

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