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Brands Made in the USA That We Love

Pet Parent Tips

There’s something particularly patriotic about summer for us. It may be American holidays like Fourth of July or it could be that we’ve been crushing on these awesome pet brands that make their products right here in the USA, just like Freshpet!   Wagwear If you want your pet products to have a nod to a classic simplistic style, look to NYC’s Wagwear. They launched in 1998…


For the Love of Grain Free!

Nutrition & Healthy Living

Grain free foods are a great pairing for dogs or cats with food sensitivities and allergies, or for pet parents who want to feed a more ancestral diet to their pets. Some benefits you may see in your pet are less shedding, healthier coats, more energy, and fewer allergies.   Here are just some of the grain free options we have to offer your pets. But you can discover…



Prepping For a New Pet

Nutrition & Healthy Living, Pet Parent Tips

Bringing home a new pet, whether planned or not, requires some careful forethought, preparation and planning. There’s more than food dishes, leashes, cat boxes, toys, food and bedding to consider. Here’s the top three things that many new pet owners may overlook when getting a new pet:   1 – Location, location, location!   These three words are most commonly known in the real estate…