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3 Helpful Sites to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

Pet Parent Tips

Planning a Spring Break getaway, but not sure where to leave the pets? We understand that sometimes the only thing between you and a much-needed vacation is finding a trustworthy pet sitter to care for your dog or cat. So our team at Freshpet put together these website resources that can help you find a loving pet sitter for your next trip!   DogVacay DogVacay…



Ingredient Spotlight: Carrots

Nutrition & Healthy Living

Can you feed your carrots to your pet? The answer is yes! They’re a crunchy snack for dogs and cats in their natural state, and they’re also great to include in their meals due to their amazing benefits.   Carrots are high in antioxidant Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A, which supports eye health for your pet. Lack of this vitamin can ultimately lead to eye infections, diseases or vision loss…



Made to Matter: A Nod to Innovation and Wellness

Fresh News, Tails of Good

We are so humbled and excited to share that we’ve been hand-picked by Target for “Made to Matter,” a family of innovative wellness brands that care about well-being, the sustainability of our earth and now pets! We’re the first and only pet food brand in the mix because of our commitment to pets, people and planet and couldn’t be more proud. Now the entire family…




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