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Toast and Muppet, Puppy Mill Survivors

Tails of Good

“I never really understood why people shouldn’t buy dogs from pet stores until I adopted Muppet and learned about where she came from,” says Katie Sturino, dog mom of Instagram celebrities, Toast and Muppet.   Muppet is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was rescued from a puppy mill where she was restricted to living in a small pen. Muppet was very reserved and had a…



3 Pet-Friendly Brands for Spring Cleaning

Nutrition & Healthy Living, Pet Parent Tips

Dare we say it, spring has sprung! The turn of the season warrants some serious spring cleaning to start a new. Get out your cleaning supplies, and say goodbye to dust, grime, old belongings and of course fur balls. But pet parents need to be aware of ingredients in some cleaning products that can be harmful to our pets.   When choosing cleaners, we recommend choosing those that do…