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DIY Summer Frozen Dog Treats

DIY, Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

We’ve been there before. It’s a hot summer day and your pup just won’t stop panting (even indoors). Well we have just the thing to cool down your dog. Try our recipe for refreshing frozen treats that you can easily make and store for many hot days to come!     What You’ll Need     Dog Joy Turkey Bacon Treats Dog Joy Chicken Treats Dog Joy Beef Treats…



Break Black Dog Syndrome for Winnie

Dogs, Shelters & Rescues, Tails of Good

Did you know that black dogs spend more time in shelters and rescues than their lighter-haired counterparts? They are also euthanized at much higher rates. This is often referred to as the “Black Dog Syndrome. ” We’ve always known about this issue, but it recently struck close to home when we got an update on Winnie, a dog up for adoption at Loli’s Place Rescue.     Winnie…