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Why Dogs Eat Grass (And What You Can Do About It)

Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

A lot of popular theories exist to explain the seemingly strange tendency of some dogs to chow down on grass, but not all theories have any basis in fact. If you’re wondering why your pup treats himself to a buffet of grassy roughage and how to prevent it from happening, you may be surprised to learn the explanation isn’t simple.   Debunking Grass-Eating Myths At…



Best Pet Matchmaking Apps

Pet Parent Tips

Did you know there are apps available to help you find the dog or cat that is just right for your needs and lifestyle? Take a look at some of the best pet matchmaking apps and their features.   AllPaws The AllPaws app has an interface that resembles a typical dating app, but includes the photos and bios of more than 200,000 pets across the…



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