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How to Bond with Your Dog

Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

The bond between humans and their dogs dates back thousands of centuries, and according to a recent article from Scientific American, the domestication of canines goes back much further than many of us may have previously believed. The discovery of a bone from a wolf found in Siberia takes the traditional belief of dogs belonging to human masters from approximately 11,000 years ago to upwards…



Dog Adoption 101: How to Find Your New Companion

Dogs, Shelters & Rescues

October is one of our favorite months. The leaves begin to fall, the weather is crisp, and it marks Adopt a Dog Month! All year round is a fine time to consider adoption, but October is a great excuse to take the leap and find yourself (or a friend) a new furry companion. Here are a few easy steps to kick start your search, and some resources…


Staying Fresh on the Go

Dogs, Pet Parent Tips

For those of you always on the go with your pup, whether it be hiking on the trail, taking love drives, pet-friendly vacations or going for a long run by the water, there’s now an easier way keep your dog fueled. While Freshpet’s refrigerated foods need to be kept cool, our new Fresh Baked recipes are a perfect companion for your active partner when you’re not…