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Picky Pup? How to Recognize Distracted Eating

Dogs, Pet Parent Tips, Training

Does your dog seem uninterested in their food? Do they take a few bites of their dinner and wander away, leaving the remainder of their meal untouched? Dogs who seem less than enthused about their meals can worry their parents, especially if the vet has mentioned that they look a bit too thin. This lack of enthusiasm towards mealtime is often described as “distracted eating,”…



Online Book Clubs for Pet and Reading Lovers

Dogs, Featured

You love reading, and you love your pets. Why not combine your two passions and join an online pet book club? Traditional book clubs help you connect with fellow bookworms with similar interests, but there’s a lot of organization involved. You could skip the time spent planning and driving to various locations to meet by joining an online pet book club—maybe even more than one….



Team Freshpet 5K

Fresh News

Congratulations to Team Freshpet who took Hoboken by storm when they participated in the Party with Purpose 5K on Tuesday night placing 23rd out of 64 teams!      Team Captains Chris Bonelli and Dan Adamek lead the team to victory as all members finished the race with impressive times, including its youngest member 10-year-old Megan Dirkin, who finished in the top ten of her…



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