Pet Dental Health Tips

10 Feb 2015 | Written by Freshpet
February marks Pet Dental Awareness Month. So we put together these simple ways you can help to improve your pet's dental health.

Find chew toys that help to massage and remove tartar from teeth and gums.

Sturdier toys with nubs and or grooves can help to massage tartar and plaque off of teeth and gums naturally when chewing. Rope toys can also work as floss to do the same. Just make sure the toy is difficult to destroy, or remember to be present while they play. 144196671_61a5c0d5c3_b    

Brush your pet's teeth daily or at least few times a week.

One clear an easy way to make sure your pet's pearly whites are clean, is to brush them like you would your own. Without question, this is the best way to keep your pets teeth clean. For some tips from the ASPCA on how you can get the job done, click here.   3340024534_f8237dffbb_b  

Find toothpaste or dental products safe to swallow.

Since our pets can't swallow, make sure you look at the ingredients in dental products to make sure they are safe and natural for them to swallow. Always rule out human toothpastes as they contain abrasives or detergents that should not be ingested. Also pet dental products can include flavors that can make dental routines much more appealing for your dog or cat.  

Know red flags to look out for.

Sometimes symptoms from the mouth can be signs your pet may have an oral or stomach issue. Look out for these things and speak with your vet if any of these symptoms persist:   3581985605_d6fb8a3fe2_b  

Be proactive...

Only you can truly help keep up your pet's dental hygiene. They can't brush their teeth or monitor how their dental health is. Preventative dental routines can help to ensure your pet stays healthy and to avoid expensive vet visits to treat disease. Make a calendar or phone alerts to remind you to clean your pet's teeth or include cleanings when visiting the groomer.   Do you have pet dental tips of your own? Share them with us on Facebook.

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Kael Drake
7 Dec, 2015 at 03:42 pm
I just barely got a new dog, so I had no idea that I should be brushing his teeth every day! After thinking about it, though, it makes a lot of sense to me. I want my dog's teeth to be strong and healthy, just like mine! I'll make sure to start brushing his teeth now, and I'll also take your advice and look for toothpastes that are safe for him to swallow. Thanks for the information!
19 Mar, 2021 at 11:20 am
Hello Thanks for sharing the great information. I read this blog and must say the information that you shared in this blog is really very useful. Please post more blog related to ”Dog Dental Care Tips" Thank You.

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