2022's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

30 Nov 2022 | Written by Tori Holmes

Believe it or not, the year is coming to an end which means one thing: It’s time for our 2022 pet gift guide! We’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide for pets, with gifts divided into three unique categories so there’s something for everyone.


The first category in our 2022 pet gift guide is budget-friendly gifts. These gifts may be easy on your wallet, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be memorable!

Beautiful baby wearing gender neutral clothes with golden retriever dog near alternative eco friendly Christmas tree and decorations in pastel monochrome scandinavian style living room.


Next up in our pet gift guide for 2022 is a category we’re calling “essentials”. This category features gifts that offer a fun take on classic items your pets know and love.

Image of dog sits on floor near decorated firtree and Christmas presents, has festive mood, being at home. Animals and winter timme concept


The final category of our 2022 pet gift guide is dedicated to pets with elevated taste. While on the higher end of the budget, these aesthetic gifts are sure to impress!

Know a great gift that wasn’t included in our pet gift guide for 2022? Share it in the comments for other pet parents to see!

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