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08 Feb 2013 | Written by Freshpet
We love pet innovation, especially when it comes to ideas and products that help us better care for and love our pets! Fresh food with wholesome ingredients fits the bill, but there are so many of other new ideas in the world of our fur-kind that we learn about each week! We’ve rounded up a few of the cool, the quirky, and the downright amazing ideas that help make our lives more purrfect. Check them out below, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter to stay up to date on the latest and greatest pet products and ideas.  


Catmoji is a social network, bringing together cat lovers with the best cat content of the internet. The best part? Your avatar IS a cat- and you can customize it to look any way you choose.  


Based on the book The Genius of Dogs, here you can sign your dog up for a series of intelligence tests that will reveal not only how smart your pooch is, but also how he thinks. According to the experts behind the program, this knowledge is the first step in creating an even stronger connection with your dog –- a connection that can help you be the best owner you can be for your furry friend.  

Pup Crawl Lights-up Leash

Stylish and functional, these leashes make your pooch visible up to ¼ of a mile away in the dark with LED lights on both sides.  And, for every purchase, Pup Crawl will donate $1 to a partner animal organization.  


iPetCompanion is a service that creates a virtual play world with real cats or dogs. Watching real-time camera recordings of the pets, users can have their computers manipulate robotic toys to play with the animals. You don’t need to be a member to take advantage of the fun. Many shelters have implemented the technology, allowing potential adopters to play with orphaned puppies and kitties, while giving the furballs much needed playtime.   For more pet innovation updates, follow us on Twitter @Freshpet.  

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