How To Show Your Pet You Love Them: Thanksgiving Edition

21 Nov 2019 | Written by Freshpet

Thanksgiving is for spending time with your friends and family – two- and four-legged alike. This year, show your pet that you love them by hosting a special celebration for them and their friends.

Step 1: Invite their friends to join

You’ve likely been to your fair share of “Friendsgivings”, but how many has your pet been to? We’re guessing none. This is the perfect reason to organize their very own Friendsgiving with their closest friends. It also provides you with a great opportunity to get to know other pet parents a little bit better and maybe even become close friends yourself!

Step 2: Put together a special pet-friendly menu

Once you have your guest list finalized, it’s time to set the menu. Start by reaching out to the owners of your guests to get an idea of favorite dishes, allergies, dietary restrictions, or even just mealtime quirks. Once you have a better idea about everyone’s eating habits, you can figure out a suitable menu.

You may not be able to serve a full turkey, but we’ve got the next best thing: Freshpet Vital® Grain-Free Turkey Recipe with Spinach, Cranberries & Blueberries. This recipe is made of 100% natural turkey, as well as antioxidant-rich leafy greens and berries, for a grain-free, Non-GMO option for your pup. And for dessert, why not go with a selection Freshpet treats such as Dog Joy® Turkey Bacon Treats and Dog Joy® Turkey & Apple Bites Treats.

Step 3: Set a table just for the four-legged attendees

Once the menu is set, next up is the table setting. You have a few options with this one: either assign “seats” or let the guests choose their own. If you assign seats, you can get creative with name tags and other personalized elements. On the other hand, letting guests choose their spots reduces the stress of making sure everyone is in the right place.

The table itself is also something to consider. If your pup has friends of difference sizes, it might make sense to skip the table altogether. Instead, you could set a “table” using a large blanket or table cloth on the ground. This way, every guest will be able to eat comfortably.

Step 4: Make a special plate for them

Based on everyone’s dietary requirements, you can choose to either have individual places made up for each guest or go buffet-style and let owners serve their pets. Whatever route you go, your guests are bound to go wild for their Freshpet meals.

Step 5: Don’t let the leftovers go to waste

Would it be Thanksgiving if there weren’t leftovers? If in the event your guests can’t bring anything home, have the contact information of a few rescues or shelters that accept opened food as donations. This way nothing will go to waste and pets in search of their forever home will have the chance to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal. Don’t forget – once open, Freshpet recipes last up to 7 days in the fridge.

By following these five easy steps, you can give your pet and their friends a Thanksgiving to remember – and show them just how much you love then.

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