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Pet-Parent Help! My Dog Eats Too Much, Too Fast

06 Oct 2021 | Written by Tori Holmes

Dogs are certainly known for their enthusiasm for life and food is no exception – but what do you do if your dog eats too much, too fast? Unfortunately, this is a question that many pet parents face.

Not only is it stressful to watch your pup inhale their food at lightning speeds, it actually poses a health risk. When dogs eat too quickly, they can experience digestive problems and vomiting, not to mention a high risk of choking as they don’t take the time to properly chew their food. What’s more, the excessive air they take in while eating quickly can cause bloat, which is very uncomfortable.

The good news is that there are many ways you can help your dog reduce the quantity and speed at which they eat.

Why does my dog eat so quickly?

Even if they grew up in a household where they had consistent meals every day, some dogs still eat like they’ll never see food again. There are a few reasons why dogs speed eat their meals:

Once you’ve ruled out a health issue contributing to their speed eating, there are fortunately some easy changes you can make to your dog's mealtime to help slow them down.

Best ways to slow down a dog that eats too fast

There are several ways that you can help your dog slow down while they eat, ranging from making changes to their environment to revamping mealtime routines.

By making these changes your pup will feel more secure and satisfied in their mealtimes, which should reduce the need to speed through them.

How to get my dog to eat less

The faster your dog eats, the less satisfied they’ll feel after their meal, which can result in them badgering you throughout the day for more food. We know that it’s hard to say no when your dog endlessly begs, especially when they seem so hungry! Unfortunately, this often results in pups consuming more food than they need in a day, contributing to weight gain.

In addition to making the mealtime changes we mentioned above, the food you feed your dog plays a huge role. Food with higher protein levels can help your dog feel full for longer, which is why we recommend trying one of our multi-protein, natural dog food recipes.

Once you’ve chosen a recipe, measure out the amount your pup will eat in a day and divide it among the feeding schedule you’ve set. This way, you know that regardless of the number of meals your dog eats during the day, they’re only consuming the recommended amount of food.

We hope that all pet parents can use some of these tips to help speedy eaters slow down and enjoy their meals!

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