Meet Our New Plant-Based Meal: Spring & Sprout

04 Nov 2021 | Written by Freshpet

Developed in partnership with Freshpet's veterinarian nutritionist, Freshpet's new recipe, Spring & Sprout, is crafted with natural, plant-based protein, cage-free eggs, and fresh veggies. It's a meal suited for perfectly balanced nutrition that dogs can thrive on. The result is a healthy, planet-friendly, plant-based meal that has even more protein than conventional pet food!

Spring & Sprout has been developed and tested to meet all AAFCO nutritional requirements for adult dogs, is vegetarian and meat-free, and has more protein per serving than traditional dry or wet dog food. It provides a well-balanced meal for your dog all while positively impacting our planet.

This new recipe is here to play a role in bettering the planet. Like you, Freshpet is a team of pet lovers with a deep commitment to pet welfare and the well-being of the planet. We carefully combined high-protein plants and cage-free eggs with nutrient-rich fruit & vegetables, for well-balanced food that has more protein than conventional pet food – the result is planet-friendly food your dog can thrive on.

Check out our Where to Buy tool to see where Spring & Sprout is available for purchase near you!

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