Popular Pet Names for Your New Cat or Dog

30 Apr 2015 | Written by Freshpet
We consider Spring as a great adoption month! The weather is beautiful, making it perfect for training and bonding with your new friend outside. But before any of that happens, the most important part about bringing a new pet home is giving them a great name.   We had our team of "pet naming experts" make a list of their favorite (and popular) names of the moment that can possibly pair well your pet!


Stella -

A great alternative to 2014's top girl name "Bella." And we just love how classy this name sounds.

Elsa -

We think you'll know why this name is so popular. Anyone else hear "Let it Go" playing?

Ivy -

This beautiful name has been gaining steam. It's possibly a nod to Beyonce's little one Blue. Either way, we're in favor of it.

Lila -

Lila, Layla, Leila. These short and sweet "L" names are classic and are great swaps for old flower favorites like Lily or Lilac.


Honorable Mentions:



Cooper -

Always a classic. You can never steer wrong with this one, and "Coop" is always a great nickname.

Kai -

Surfer vibes written all over this one. It means "Ocean" in Hawaiian.

Finn -

Looking for a powerful name? Finn is from Irish mythology hero, Finn MacCool, a warrior with supernatural powers.

Sawyer -

A rugged name for your new boy.

Bear -

For the great big snuggler. This name was a favorite in 2014.


Honorable Mentions:


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