Presenting the Winners of #FreshpetTeamCuddle!

13 Sep 2013 | Written by Freshpet
 About one month ago, we partnered with our good friends Mommy Shorts and Momma’s Gone City to launch the Team Cuddle contest. We were completely blown away by every single one of the photos we received. Each one showed us just how genuine the bond between family members can be.  Thank you to each of you who voted on your favorite finalists. So without further ado, here are the winners of Freshpet Team Cuddle!   Tots & Pups: Tristan, Vera and Tank 6a0133f30ae399970b01a3fcd0f984970b-800wi This adorable and color-coded trio hails from Seattle, Washington where they love to play and cuddle with one another. Tank, a five-year old lab is a big cuddler, who is fond of burrowing into the couch. He acts as the big brother to three year-old Vera and three month-old Tristan. Since Vera was born, Tank has been by her side.  Tank is very mindful of his younger siblings, even letting them play fetch with him with no struggle (something that his dad Johnathan has yet to do)! These three are what loving families are all about: enjoying each other’s company all day.   Kiddos & Kitties: Phoebe and Colbey Rae  6a0133f30ae399970b01a73d8c0fa8970d-800wi Colbey Rae and his kitten Phoebe were best friends right from the start. This past December, Colbey Rae was scheduled to have surgery and his mom decided she needed a friend to snuggle with during her recovery, so they found little Phoebe. Two hours after bringing Phoebe home, the two took their first nap together and haven’t looked back since. Wherever Colbey Rae sleeps, Phoebe is there as well. If Colbey Rae is upset or not feeling well, Phoebe is always the first one to check up on her. She’s taken it upon herself to be Colbey Rae’s big sister and that’s a role that she fits perfectly. We know these two are going to be best friends for a long time.   Freshpet Fave: Stephanie and Wheeler Stephwheeler It's no secret that we love rescue pets. That's why Steph and Wheeler here got our vote for our Freshpet Fave. This photo was taken the very first time these two met at the shelter. That looks like love at first sight to us. This display of affection is what makes pet parenting all worth it.  Steph and Wheeler, we know you're both glad you found one another.   We’re sending each of these families a special prize gift pack to enjoy. It’s the least we could do. All of the Team Cuddle entries told us a lot about how special the love between families can be. Thank you all so much for sharing your special moments with us.

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