Enter the Freshpet Fridge Challenge Freshpet Asks: Could You Live Without A Refrigerator? Why Should Your Pets?

01 Sep 2013 | Written by Freshpet
Secaucus, NJ (September 2013) – Freshpet, the only company making fresh, refrigerated pet food made in the U.S.A., is hosting the Freshpet Fridge Challenge in honor of October’s National Pet Obesity Month. The Freshpet Fridge Challenge asks pet parents to consider life without the refrigerator, ultimately raising awareness about the importance of feeding our pets fresh food too. Pet parents are invited to enter the Freshpet Fridge Challenge by visiting Freshpet.com/FridgeChallenge. To enter, simply share “Why you couldn’t live without the refrigerator” in 50 words or less, along with a photo of your pet in front of your fridge. The contest begins September 9th and runs until October 21st. Winners will be chosen at random to receive the following prizes: As part of the challenge, Freshpet asked veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson and several pet bloggers to pledge to live without their fridge for seven days. They will share their experiences without the fridge, including how they’ve reconsidered the importance of fresh, refrigerated foods for pets, here: (LIST BLOGS). "I go to the fridge to grab fresh, healthy foods every day for myself and for my family. I can’t imagine life without it, and now, I’m sure my pets can’t either," says Scott Morris, Co-Founder and President of Freshpet." The Freshpet Fridge Challenge will educate pet owners about the importance of giving pets the same all natural food we eat and remind pet parents that fresh food does need refrigeration.” Freshpet sources ingredients from the USA and gently cooks all dog and cat food recipes in the Freshpet Kitchens, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. To learn more about Freshpet and their wide variety of fresh meals and treats for both dogs and cats visit freshpet.com. About Freshpet Freshpet, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, is the only company making fresh, refrigerated pet food nationwide. Founded in 2006 by pet lovers and pet food industry professionals, Freshpet identified an opportunity to improve the pet food market and introduced fresh food as a healthy alternative to dry or canned food. Freshpet only uses high quality meats, poultry and fish combined with fresh vegetables and fruitswith no preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat or by-products. Nutrient-rich meals allow pets to have the same healthy eating habits as their owners. Freshpet brands include Freshpet® Select and Dog Joy®, available in select grocery and mass-market stores; Deli Fresh®, Vital®, and Dog Nation®, available in select pet specialty stores; and Nature’s Fresh™ available in select natural food stores. For more information about Freshpet foods, visit freshpet.com. Download: 09.01.2013 - Enter the Freshpet Fridge Challenge

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