11 Oct 2011 | Written by Freshpet
SECAUCUS, N.J. (October 11, 2011) –One out of every five consumers is buying human foods to feed his/her pets in order to offer healthier alternatives to what’s in the pet food aisle, according to the American Pet Products Association. Given that most people treat pets like members of the family now, the results of this survey come as no surprise and are right in line with mainstream America’s desire to create a healthier life style for all family members. With this ever-increasing demand for healthy food choices, Freshpet, the only brand of fresh, refrigerated pet food in the market, has introduced five new meals and treats available exclusively in the Freshpet refrigerator. The new foods include Vital Complete Meals made of fresh chicken and vegetables for both dogs and cats, and the addition of all natural chews and bones to their treats line. Best of all, these new foods are offered in resealable bags, making fresh foods convenient for all lifestyles. Inspired by ancestral dog diets, Vital recipes are grain-free and contain 80% or more animal protein, providing an easily digestible and 100% complete and balanced meal. Each recipe is made from all natural ingredients and never contains corn, wheat, soy or by-products. The ingredients are gently cooked to retain their nutrients without the use of any artificial preservatives. In addition, the new treats go way beyond traditional offerings, with simple ingredients like sweet potatoes and smoky buffalo; they provide healthy, great tasting choices. “We’ve created all of our food with pet owners in mind – people who want their pets to live a healthy lifestyle just like they do,” said Richard Thompson, Freshpet’s Chief Executive Officer. “These new meals open up even more variety, expanding the breadth of healthy meats and vegetables available to pet owners as they look to give their pets the same nutritional benefits we get from eating fresh foods. Healthy, fresh foods for pets simply weren’t available, until we developed Freshpet, and that’s why we’re excited to offer even more options to pet owners.”
Freshpet’s new m eals and treats include: About Freshpet Freshpet, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, is the only company providing fresh, refrigerated pet food nationwide. Founded in 2006 by pet lovers and pet food industry professionals, Freshpet identified an opportunity to improve the pet food market and introduced fresh food as a healthy alternative to dry or canned food. Freshpet only uses the highest quality meats, poultry and fish combined with fresh vegetables and fruits – with no artificial preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat or by-products. Nutrient-rich meals allow pets to have the same healthy eating habits as their owners. Freshpet brands include Freshpet® Select and Dog Joy™, available at select grocery and mass-market retailers; Deli Fresh®, Vital™ and dognation™, available at select pet specialty stores; and Veterinary Nutrition™ foods available at select veterinarian offices. For more information about Freshpet foods, visit Download: 10.11.2011 - Healthy Food Choices Not Just for Humans Anymore

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