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Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now

Make Your Own Puppy Bowl Party

27 Jan 2015 | Written by Freshpet
At Freshpet, we'd like to think that the first best thing about the Super Bowl is the Puppy Bowl. That's why at our headquarters we decided to make some fun, healthy, and easy pre-game appetizers for your dog.  

Shredded Chicken & Beet Bites

ChickenBeetBites_01   What you'll need:   Our newest addition, Fresh from the Kitchen - Home Cooked Chicken Recipe is a flavorful yet healthy meal - making it a great addition for your pet's pre-game. To make these bites, slice up naturally sweet beets to be the base. Then spread greek yogurt over the top. The yogurt will help to make the other ingredients "stick" and is healthy too! Next sprinkle shreds of chicken, carrots, and cranberries from Fresh From the Kitchen on top. Feel free to add extra cranberries.   ChickenBeetBites_02   Health Tip: Beets are packed with iron, potassium, fiber, beta-carotene and vitamins A through C. Which means, they're great for both humans and pups! But they also promote great liver health as they have cleansing and detoxifying qualities.    

Meat Lovers Sliders

MeatLoversSliders_01   What you'll need:   For all the meat loving pups out there, we made a slider entirely out of meat. Yes you heard us right.   MeatLoversSliders_02   Use our Dog Joy Sausage Slices for the "bread." Then layer in thin slices of our Freshpet Select Tender Chicken recipe. You can use any favorite Freshpet roll, but we recommend grabbing it in a 1 LB size, as it's perfect for these bite-sized treats. Then sprinkle in shredded pieces of Fresh From the Kitchen. It's a mouthful that will keep your dog content during the game.  

Bacon Wrapped Baby Carrots

BaconWrappedCarrots_01   What you'll need:   BaconWrappedCarrots_02   We're taking a fresh take on, well ... anything wrapped in bacon! Our office pets love the crunch of carrots, so we thought we'd take it to the next level and wrap them in our Turkey Bacon treats. To make the bacon treat stick to the baby carrots, use peanut butter. Simply spread peanut along the length of the bacon, then wrap.     Want more recipe ideas for the big game? We partnered with Barkpost for some exclusive appetizers:  


  And if you plan on taking our recipes out for a spin, be sure to take this shopping list with you:  



Responses to this Post

29 Jan, 2015 at 06:23 pm
Yay!!!! Freshpet & the puppy bowl...
Sue Ann Stauffer
30 Jan, 2015 at 06:11 am
Since "Fresh Pet" came out..........I've bought and continue feeding to my dogs...I slice it up and put over dry dog food. They LUV it!!!! WOOF WOOF
30 Jan, 2015 at 09:07 am
Love the idea of fresh products.
Melyn Richman
30 Jan, 2015 at 11:55 am
I've been feedingFreshpet for several years - since the disasterof the recalled foods with the contaminated wheat gluten from China: All five of the dogs I had at that time,and to whom I fed commercial foods, DIED from various cancers within a few years afer the recall....ALL cancers known to be caused byt he recalled food. Therewere some 22 thousand dogs who were part of a class actionlawsuit as a result of that contamination, and I received a payment of approximately 3% of what I spent treating my dogs for the resultant cancers before they died. Now I only feed Freshpet and food I make at home from ingredients the same I buy for us. At one point I made the mistake of purchasing and using some inexpensive chicken I bought at Walmart in my dogs' food. I don't know from where that chicken had been sourced, but I do know thatmuch of hwat is sold at Walmart is made in or sourced from China. My dogs wuld not eat the food which contained some chicken from Walmart - and it had an unsavory smell as well! I won't make that mistake again! I check frequently onthe FreshPet site to ascertain whether any of the ingredients in FreshPet are outsourced from other countries. I have been told the ingredients are strictly USA sourced. So good.....

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