Puppy Party! How to Throw a Birthday Bash for Your Dog

03 Jan 2018 | Written by Freshpet
Human birthdays are always fun, but why should we keep the good times to ourselves? Turn your dog's birthday into a memorable event by throwing a puppy party focused on healthy fun for four-legged friends.  

Fun-Filled Guest List and Venue

If your dog is social and always up for a romp with other pups, make their birthday special by including some of her furry friends in the celebration. Make sure the dog friends you invite are also good sports who play well with others. If you have doubts about one of the pups in your social circle, ask their owner or leave them off the guest list for this special occasion. It will ultimately be the right choice for the safety of all the dogs and people at the party.   Provide a safe play area for the dogs to run around and enjoy themselves freely. If you don't have a fenced backyard, a local dog park or a friend's house are good alternatives. If you pick a home, plan on clearing out certain fragile items from the area just to be safe. If you opt for a dog park, make sure you choose a park you visit frequently to minimize the risk of inadvertently picking a venue that has ongoing problems, such as poorly behaved dogs or sanitary issues.

Tasty Treats

No birthday party is complete without something tasty. Keep your dog’s pals healthy and ready to play by offering small quantities of dog-friendly foods.   Frozen Pupsicles: Drop a treat, such as a small dollop of peanut butter or pet-safe fruits and veggies like apple and sweet potato slices, into the compartments in an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and freeze. The little pupsicles should be light enough for each dog to have one or two without getting an upset tummy.   Birthday Pupcakes: Use Freshpet's all-natural fresh food to create little cupcake bases. Use any Freshpet roll to slice out perfect circular for then. Then stack two slices on top of each other, filling the centers with an "icing" of your choice such as canned pumpkin or peanut butter. Then top the pupcakes with crushed treats like Dog Joy Turkey Bacon, a bit of grated cheese or slices of fruits and veggies. These are super easy to make and easily customizable. Make them your own!  

Party Favors

Make the party even more fun by sending each dog home with a little memento. Personalized bandanas, special squeaky toys and homemade healthy treats are all great ideas. Even better, bundle some of these items into a goody bag for your doggy friends to take home. Don't forget that the birthday dog will want favors too!

Responses to this Post

Tim Reynolds
5 Jan, 2018 at 03:25 pm
Bailey was a puppy from a Rescue Group (Paw's and Prayers). He was from a litter of 6 and he was the quitist one. We expected that he might have some reservations ( not from the Recuse Group ) he was only 8 weeks old when we chose him. We expected just maybe his demeanor. After just a few weeks at home it was obvious that Bailey had some social issues and fears. Our vet said it was not uncommon so we need to work on his social skills by taking on walks, meeting people and other dogs. As of today most of his fears have gone but sometimes little things bring them back like a school bus, trash truck and other LOUD sounds. So we reasure him every thing is alright and just work on the issues. Bailey is a Great boy and people will stop in their cars just to see and speak to him and sometimes provide a treat. Bailey was best choice for us, he needed some support and we were there for him.
Carolann Roe
5 Jan, 2018 at 11:54 pm
What a fantastic idea. And everyone would enjoy doing that along with pictures of all of the playmates. Making the pup treats is a great idea also, Likee a 25.00 gift card and a little catalog on what Chewy company and maybe some Chewy gift cards. Along with Chewy catalog. Thank you for such a great idea.Another idea is put a recipe on the side of the roll of food, on how to make a recipe of what you can make with the food.Another idea is putting together a plastic jar of ingredients in it. like the chocolate chip cookie and just put the ingredients all together and squeeze it out with your recipe that you mxed together with a container of fresh bottle water.and a date to use it by.
Carolann Roe
6 Jan, 2018 at 12:00 am
What I do when I get a big roll of Pet Smart food, I cut it into thick slices and then cut each slice into several pieces. The chop each piece with a knife and then compose one big container Then cover it and place it into the container and then into the fridge . Each day my pets get it put into their food, along with clean water thanks uys for being my favorite feed store.

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